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    And so it begins


    Better get destroying

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  • Wednesday
    Special announcement

    Having a girlfriend is awesome!!!!!

    Thank you for your time

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  • Tuesday

    So, the more I workout, the hungrier I get for more results lol. Although I’m starting to fall behind on my push ups, I make sure to keep up with standard cardio and reps.

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  • Tuesday
    Stolen Thunder

    Pall stared around at his troops, staring at Griff especially, as he’d been moving a bit slower than usual.

    ”Griffon, you have been awfully quiet lately. Is something going on?”

    ”Oh, heh, no sir. It’s just that, I was up all night doing pull ups by the big oak tree—“

    “Sir! I can run a marathon in fifteen minutes!”

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  • Tuesday

    ”Is he done yet? I think he’s using up all the hot water…”

    ”Meh, not that I’d mind. Cold showers aren’t all that bad.”

    ”Depends on what kind of cold shower we are talking about.”

    The Change Gang paused to stare at the umbrum, who sighed and went quiet.


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Okay so here’s an idea · 10:59pm October 22nd

Griff (when alive) is an aspiring engineer but has to work at Donut Joe’s because he’s broke and still going to school, regularly participates in fight clubs to get over his overwhelming ennui. At this point he’s been going for almost a year when he meets Tokyo and Tai, (pronounced “Tay”, like one of my brothers), where the first is a narcissistic, determined ass, and the other is a mysterious ass.

Tokyo butts heads with Griff when Tai starts to drift away from said Fight Club for a while. Then Griff turns up missing eventually.

What I’m focused on is filling in a story with these three. Looks like I got me a successful storyline.

(Totally not because I wanna participate in a fight club or anything haha)

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Comments ( 22 )

I highly approve of this idea

I think it sounds cool


”Nah, I suck ass at fighting…” *wiping his mouth*

”So I knocked you in the mouth. Don’t be a bitch about it.” *chuckles and rests against him, spitting blood on the ground*


Griff’s always been the darker grey. Lighter grey one is Tokyo.

Ah, okay. Just checking.

Sooo, Tokyo, Griff… how was it?



”I beat his ass.”

”I tapped out.”

*frowns* “You held back.”


*They both trade glances, Tokyo glares up at him- he’s much shorter*

So I’m guessing Griff won this one?

”Oh, uh, no, I didn’t win anything, I was just…I don’t know…Ky, you alright?”

*practically seething*

”…I’m not doing a rematch.”

”Come onnnnnnn!”

“He wants a rematch, huh?”

*they both look over*

*A wild Venom Stinger has appeared*

”Heh, sorry bud, but my friend and I were just having a little convo. Sorry if we were a bit loud.”

“I can see that.”

”Yyyyyeep…” *glances to Griff, then back to Venom*

”The point is, I tapped out, you won. I’ll drop you off.” *begins speedwalking*



*They both trade glances, Tokyo glares up at him- he’s much shorter*

Did I mention you seem to be just about Venom’s height, maybe a bit taller?

”I can tell.”

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