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I used to wonder.

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Revanchism Art #05 · 4:52pm October 22nd

Your entire species is being genocided. Your long-lost boyfriend turned out to be a piece of shit. You've killed more people with your giant mech than the next ten ponies put together and have a permanent thousand-yard stare as a result. You've had your very soul cursed by an ancient Outer God. You're such a mess, you would damn near eat ass for a bottle of gin and a pack of smokes.

Only one mare fits this description.

Another commission by the excellent 1Jaz. I recommend going to the DA page and downloading the full-res version to admire the incredible details:


Storm's Stampeder 650 has a lot in common with the real-world Yamaha XS650 parallel-twin, except hers is heavily customized with a big-bore kit and a rephase job. Rephasing is where the crank on a parallel-twin is taken apart and the splines pressed back together with the pistons in a slightly different orientation, such that one piston slightly leads the other, along with a modified cam to account for the difference in timing. While this doesn't affect the power much, it does slightly reduce vibration, alter the torque curve, and increase the usable RPM. Rephased engines mostly just sound badass, though.

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For some reason I always imagined her riding a hover bike or something 😅

Believe it or not, that's next! Well, sort of. :twilightsheepish:

This is a much more attractive picture of Desert than the other I've seen. I like the look of her synch suit, too.

I guess her bike gets an upgrade?

I do too. I'm glad its not gray or black

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