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Princess Luna is canonically my dad.

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  • Today
    So there was this one time I wrote a garbage self insert story that I ended up not posting—

    Okay to be fair—

    This was before I transitioned and I was kind of a horse girl so-

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  • Saturday
    First time at bingo hall.

    Played all my tickets. Is this considered gambling? If so I don’t think I did a bad job. Either way though, I haven’t won much. Other than a lingering hatred for old people.

    Had fun. Not with these geriatric bitches.

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  • Friday
    I asked my uncle for a body cam for Christmas

    Now I gotta ask him for a new bow. The one I have is pretty small for my size, and I need one about my height. I leave Saturday, so I better hurry and pick one out.

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  • Thursday
    So I introduced my sister to an anime I like

    It’s called “Komi Can’t Communicate”

    Some payback for introducing me to She-Ra. For those of you who like anime, I recommend it.

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  • Thursday
    Oddly enough

    I get annoyed when someone orders the same thing I’m ordering from somewhere lol. For some reason, it’s just mildly infuriating.

    I’ve been craving cake pops for the longest. Maybe for a week or so. My uncle’s going to Starbucks, so I request that he brings some back for me too.

    And then my older, older cousin, maybe forty or so, said she wanted to try one of them.

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Teacher Work Day · 2:23pm October 22nd

I have all day to fuck around.


Two of my friends know that I spent most of yesterday fucking around on here and doing my Algebra. Which, the fucking around came from me bantering on behalf of my dear friend (maybe) Deep.

Because I want you all to see how smart I am, I’m gonna link the blog.

[This does not mean go and add your two cents, that’s my job]

I have never felt so ignored yet so satisfied at the same time.

I will answer but one question though.

I am not following Deep’s agenda. I am Deep’s agenda :trollestia:

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Comments ( 28 )

Poggers for sticking with Deep, man.



And so, another thread has started.

In the blog? Or somewhere else?

Deep’s blog.

I’m gonna go check that out.

“Pee on him and he’ll disappear” what the actual—

Yep. Guess we ain’t sigmas

Deep’s original blog about the matter is what I meant, though. Didn’t know new stuff was on the other one either

Oh, right. Lemme skedaddle on that one.

I feel like hopping in and giving my two cents—

Tag team—

You have my permission


Time to confused the hell out of everyone

*waits for Deep to read this to see his reaction*

Looks like I’ve appointed Deep to be my babysitter. Tell him I like long walks.




Lol, I mean if you want to keep posting in those blogs then go ahead. I'd just rather have you spend your time more productively than defending me haha.


I'm here to make R. Kelly proud

Again, I was bored. Plus I been studying all week so I figured why not


Fair enough. You have my permission to unleash hell.

*On people who deserve it*

~ This disclaimer protects me from all social and legal consequences :trollestia:

I'm scared to ask which part of the post you're laughing at :rainbowlaugh:

This has the same energy as saying “idk tho” after giving someone advice in case it ruins their life lol



When in doubt, don't be an idiot.

Idk tho

Damn, guess I’ll go be an idiot

Do I have to spell it out for you? *rolls eyes*

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