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  • Sunday
    A Quick Peek…

    “…Psst! Hey guys! Is the coast clear?”

    “Looks like it. Let’s go.”

    The shadow ‘lings began moving through the front door and into the interior of the house, now shrouded in a thick layer of darkness, something that wasn’t really too much of an issue with shadow ‘lings.

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  • Saturday
    Looking to possibly fix my Switch controller.

    The left joystick has a bad case of Joycon drift.

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  • Friday
    Mark your calendars

    We finally have a release date.

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  • Friday
    I just started playing Super Luigi U

    The first thing I noticed was how short the levels were. The star coins were less spaced out, and the time limit was reduced to just over 100 or 200 seconds.

    Not sure if it makes the gameplay better or worse, but since it adds something new to the table, I’ll take it.

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Body Possession · 12:01am October 22nd

Flutterwings panted heavily as she fled for her life, the tainted version of what was first assumed to be her brother following close behind.

“Flutterbuuuuuug?” he sang almost tauntingly. “Come out so I can see you~”

She held her breath as she hid behind a corner.
Whoever this was, it was not Griff, and she couldn’t really understand how no one else noticed anything strange about this…being. Why was it doing this? What did it want from her of all creatures?

“Can’t we just ever spend some time together?”

A distant crumbling could be heard. 

Flutterwings couldn’t help but let out a gasp. Was he breaking down the walls? 

Wait a second…

“…I can hear you now…you sound so close…where is it you’re hiding?~”

She furrowed her brow and covered her mouth. Shut up! I’m not scared of you!

The clattering noise told her that he’d thrown something else down. But the sounds of destruction sounded more and more frantic with each passing second. Just how strong was this thing?

Whoever- or, whatever this was, it was getting angry. 

“Testing my patience, aren’t we? Fine then. We’ll play that way.”

Flutterwings clutched her chest and looked around, gaining her bearings once again. Whatever this thing thought it was, it certainly was not about to intimidate her. Although that didn’t mean she would rather stick around and find out what it was planning. As tough as she was for her age, she wasn’t gonna risk getting torn apart by this guy.

She looked around, trying to find some sort of distraction.

The closest thing to her happened to be…a dough roller.

The nymph inched over and picked it up in her forelegs, grasping it tightly.

“Flutterwings! Get out here right now!! I’m your big brother!!!” he snarled loudly and shoved another shelf over, causing the items to slip off and strew themselves across the floor with another loud clatter. 

Shivers creeped up her spine. This is exactly what a Griff tantrum sounded like. Before she could possibly think of anything else…

“I see you…”

The voice was low. Not a growl, yet a purr. He wasn’t upset anymore. He was satisfied.

The nymph stood frozen in shock as she whipped around to face him.

“Dear sister…where have you been all this time…?” he leaned forward on his forelegs, making unwavering eye contact with her while his blood red tendrils rose with predatory intent. 

Flutterwings glared at him and did the one thing she could think of; she smacked him right on the head with the rolling pin as hard as she possibly could.

“Motherfucker!” He spat, falling back onto the floor with his hooves clutched protectively over his eyes.

Flutterwings continued to run as he chased her. Eventually, she made it right to the freezer and slammed the door shut.


The nymph breathed heavily as she slid down against the door, shivering.

“You’re back… and you look like you’ve seen a demon. Or well, another demon. You visit like, every day.”

Flutterwings’ eyes bulged. “Griff? You’re still in here…?”

“Uh, yeah? I’ve been dead as hell for maybe a few months now…”

She blinked. “Then… who…”

“…did something happen?”

“Let me in or I’ll shred you to bits, you little punk!”

“…wait a minute. Is that…?”

She glanced at Griff. “…Who?”

Bang bang bang!

The demon was still angrily pounding his hooves upon the door. 

“Red, what the hell are you doing?!”

“‘Red’? Is that what it’s called?”

“I’m not an it, you little—aaarrrgh, Griff, tell her!! Tell her everything!!!”

“You’re not snatching her body, you perv!”

“Snatching my what now?”

“I-It’s nothing, Flutterbug… just try and stay put, okay?”

Flutterwings scurried further into the cold, leaving Griff to glare at the door.

“Red…you can’t exist outside some physical form or else you’ll run the risk of exploding, so tell me why you’re in my body.

The loud banging stopped suddenly.

“Red? Red!! Answer me dammit!

“It might not be today, and it might not be tomorrow, but I’m gonna get a new body. And I’m gonna come back, and I’m gonna make you suffer.”

“Red!!!” Griff growled furiously, now banging on the door himself.

Nothing, now. The cold air began to rise as Griff slammed his forehead against the frigid metal. “Damnit,” he shuddered, watching the liquid plasma drip from the wall and onto the floor. 

“…where’d he go?”

“Nowhere!!” He whipped around, fury in his piercing blue eyes. When he saw Flutterwings’ shocked face, his demeanor seemed to deflate.


“I meant…he’s gone nowhere. Meaning, like, he’s going nowhere. Never. Again… sorry…”

“With your body?”

“I um…maybe…?”

Flutterwings stared at him for a moment. Griff just sighed and plopped down. “I don’t know how the hell he got ahold of my body…or, well…I think I do.”

“Because you’re still stuck in this freezer…?”


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”Damnit…better luck next time then…”

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