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Greetings World. You may call me Nyronus. I write stories, among other things. My hobbies include existential ennui, being Princess Luna, and Saving the World. Feel free to hit me up on Steam to chat!

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New Life · 5:31am October 20th

So, tomorrow, after seven years and some change, I am finally moving out of my parent's home and out of my adoptive home state of Louisiana.

It's been a rather long, ugly struggle. Frankly, they used me. They used labor they extracted from me for often unfairly low rates (for years, actually beneath minimum wage to be what was effectively the sole employee of a retail outlet working overtime every week). Hell, they were so lazy and fixated on using my back to fix their problems, even when I warned them my labor was stretched too thin and disaster would strike if one more thing went wrong, they failed to take action and lo and behold, I was a prophet of misery yet again. I suffered it because... well, I didn't trust the miserable gits wouldn't get themselves killed, despite the use and abuse I still love them for reasons I can't explain, I didn't feel like there was much better work for me (I searched, there really wasn't), and my friends needed me as much as my parents did.

... *sigh*

And that's all over now, I guess. A friend from high school, moved by an act of kindness I showed him years ago, offered to put me up for a while, take care of me, and set me up to find a better job. And after seven years of getting used and abused and a few weeks of desperately trying to put the move together relatively last minute, it's over. I'm leaving the miserable hell-state I've lived in my whole life for another hot, miserable, but slightly more upscale hell-state in Florida. Maybe things will get better, maybe they will get worse, maybe nothing will matter because the end of the world is looking to be increasingly a "when" proposition, not an "if" one. I don't know. I'm scared, and hurt, and about to leave almost everyone I knew behind, and nothing seems to happen without complication or hiccup, including trying to solve those complications and hiccups.

I'm so tired, ya'll.

But people tell me that's all normal, and that things will get better.

So... wish me luck, tomorrow.

And thanks. To my personal friends who helped me through this who might read this, and to all of you for helping me get this far, if nothing else, by providing me with a wonderful community and many great stories.

I'll see you all the day after tomorrow, I guess.

Comments ( 13 )

Good luck, may your new life be long and prosperous!

Here's to your recovery and the ponies you'll meet along the way.

Wanderer D

When you told me about this, I admit it came as a bit of a shock, but I'm glad you're getting out of that situation. It's always scary, setting out on your own, but you have friends all over who will remain ready to help. Stay in touch man, you know where to find me.

Good luck, Ny! Take care and remember our thoughts are with you.

Best of luck! New opportunities abound with a change of scenery. Glad you're out of that miserable scenario :heart:

I'm so sorry you've suffered so much hardship, but I'm truly glad things are possibly improving for you.

Family is a complicated thing, they're too often people you feel obligated to love and pity even when normally you'd never have them in your life.

Glad you enjoyed G5, it should be a fun trip. :)

Author Interviewer

goodness! :O best of luck with the new life!

I remember back at BronyCon 2019 when you invited me to the Jimmy Johns near the Convention Center to talk. I was going through a tough time then myself, as my family that was accompanying me was starting splinter and my brother was starting to suffer a mental disintegration that's only gotten worse over the last two years. Just hanging out with you and the rest of the folks gave me a few hours of relief from a situation that I knew was going to be tough. Knowing now that you were going through your own (and by the sounds of it, more difficult) trials and still found the time to offer a friendly hand to a stranger makes me realize how compassionate you truly are.

I hope Florida provides some peace for you, and as a native-born Floridian myself, I welcome you to the state.

Good for you taking the offered chance. I've seen people convince themselves they can't, beaten down by years of being stuck. I'm happy for you that you're getting out and proud of you for seizing the chance.

Good luck!

Congratulations! :yay:

You deserve a long break, which my phone (internet is down) just tried to correct to "a long black", but that's okay too.

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