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  • Today
    ‘Licious Raspberry

    “Hey Dante, I’m finally back! Are you home?”

    Undead Bez was met with a muffled, booming sound, presumably from Dante’s studio.

    “…Huh. What’s he up to?” She inquired aloud, stepping closer to the source of the bass heavy music. Should I knock? Would he even hear me? she wondered as she reached the door to the studio.

    “Yo!” A voice answered, as the music stopped. 

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  • Saturday
    I’m actually not sure which crack ship I prefer—

    Pharynx x Discord or Pharynx x Sombra?

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  • Saturday
    hey wait a minute—

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  • Saturday
    Since it’s December, it just came to me.

    Remember this garbage I wrote?

    🎶For the twelfth pizza order, the toppings I will need...🎶

    🍕Twelve Pepperonis🍕
    🌶Eleven Jalapeños🌶
    🧄Ten Cloves Of Garlic🧄
    🔶Nine Yellow Peppers🔶
    🧅Eight Onion Slices🧅
    🍍Seven Chopped Pineapples🍍
    🌭Six Balls Of Sausage🌭
    🐟Five Anchovieeees~🐟
    🥓Four Bacon Bits🥓
    🍄Three Mushrooms🍄
    ⚫️Two Black Olives⚫️
    🧀And A Dash Of Some Parmesan Cheeeeese~🧀

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  • Tuesday
    *Insert Jaws reference here*

    Griff shook his flaming mane free of the several shards of glass. Bezier looked over, blinking in disbelief at the sight. “Yeesh, where’d all that come from? Crashed into a window or something?”

    “When sand gets too hot, begins to crystallize. Perhaps Griffon should not have taken nose dive into that sand castle.”

    “Honestly I’m just glad it didn’t cut you or anything.”

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Strange Return · 11:55pm October 19th

Flutterwings nearly spat out her soda when she glanced through the window of Donut Joe’s shop. Her brother was looking good as new, serving the bistro’s patrons with that same grin plastered on his face.


How did he…?

“Flutterwings, hey,” Joe greeted, waving at the nymph. “Here to see your brother?”

Flutterwings could only blink with a wide eyed expression. The gruff stallion before her only quirked a brow. “Is… everything okay, kid?”

“Wasn’t he… you know… dead…?”

He stayed quiet for a moment. “…what the hell are you talking about? Your brother’s just fine!” he said. “What, did you… have a bad dream or somethin’?”

“It’s starting to feel like that…”

“No need to sweat it, kiddo. You’ll probably feel better once you talk to him. He probably missed you as much as you missed him. Maybe even more.”

Flutterwings chuckled nervously with a nod, shuffling awkwardly past the stallion and heading inside.

…Maybe this is a dream. She thought as she rushed up to her brother.

“Hey, Griff!”

The umbrum eyed his sister, his stare unwavering. His mouth was unmoving, and weirdly, so was he. 

It didn’t take Flutterwings to notice this. “…Uhhhhhhhhhhh…”

“Hey. Hey! Can I have my donuts, please…?”

“Sorry, sir. I’ll get right on that.” The umbrum walked past the even more confused nymph.

“…This is really weird.”

Flutterwings followed her brother into the kitchen, watching him pull the fresh batch of golden brown donuts from the fryer. 

“…Can we talk about something?”

He said nothing, but his ears perked attentively. 

“You know, when you're done with those errands?”


“…Like… for one, how are you… alive?

His posture completely fell with that question. However, he turned to his sister with a smiling face. 

“Flutterbug, I think you watch too many scary movies.”

“It’s a hobby! Besides… how’d you get your body back?”

“Let’s spend the day together. Just you and me.” 

…he didn’t even answer the question. 

“…I’ll come back later.”

“Come on, it’ll be fun.” He didn’t wait for an answer before snagging her along by her front hoof. 

“H-Hey, what are you doing?!”

He didn’t answer, still dragging her along. Flutterwings sighed in exasperation and annoyance.

Soon enough, she’ll find out what’s going on.

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Comment posted by ItsGriffy deleted October 20th

I was ready to fuckin comment and I accidentally commented with the wrong account. Oi.


*staring at her*

“Alright, what’s the big idea?”

This can't bode well


”…nothing. I just wanted to explain everything.”

“…fine then. Explain. I’m waiting.”

I do not know

”Trust me, lil’ sis.” *gives an empty smile*

*tentacles rise up from his body*

“I’m starting to doubt it.”

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