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Made a new friend today. · 11:19pm October 19th

He seems nice.

I'm taking name suggestions.

Comments ( 19 )

Hmmm...What would be a good name for a Jack 'o Lantern?
How about Rodney?

Some suggestions I've been told are George, Bartholemew, or whoever's skull was in Hamlet that was in the To Be Or Not To Be speech.

Yorick! His name was Yorick. Thank you, Google.


Mah, too simple.

If you pronounce it in a certain way, Jack could sound like Yorick.

Alas, poor Yorick. I knew him well.

Nice. He has a very bright smile!:pinkiehappy:
... I'm sorry

The man's got, like, seven teeth. Bright smile, my butt. He looks like a Gollum understudy.

He doesn't look like an archangel. He looks like a devil. Or something.

I like Jack or Mystic.

I was actually referring to Michael Myers.

Oh, yeah. Okay. Still a devil. Michael Myers, the voice actor for Shrek and that guy in Austin Powers.

A: I love Shrek 1-2!:scootangel:
B: It’s kinda of fitting since Myers’ described to have “the blackest eyes; the devil’s eyes.”

What about Sa Ten from Wreck-It Ralph?

I think it's Sateen, actually.

how about Ichabod from sleepy hollow

Nice suggestion. I think I'm going to stick with Yorick, though. He can fit so well in my hand.

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