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  • Today
    Short Hand: Perilous

    Starlight: "Listen, Shepherd... I know we've had a lot of animosity between us, and I understand why. So... I've been working with Twilight and Cadence on a solution."

    Shepherd: "And that is?"

    Starlight: "Well... Cathartic punishment to help reinforce proper perspectives on good and evil."

    Shepherd: "Which consists of...?"

    Starlight: "... Spanking me."

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    3 comments · 108 views
  • Today
    I'm Not a Goddamned High School Harem Protagonist! 2

    Luna gets a T-shirt with OPPAI on it, and tight shorts-Which do nothing for teenaged Shepherd's hormones. Celestia remains in naked apron mode, though she put on some racy panties. Clearly, both princesses-er, principals-are still massive trolls no matter what universe.

    Celestia: "How is your omelet, Shepherd?"

    Shepherd: "It's fine..."

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  • Thursday
    Short Hand: The Pound

    Shepherd is taking in the sights of Manehattan, looking around the park. He buys a hotdogs, tries it... And then begins choking as his face turns red..

    Shepherd: "HRUKK! HACK! HARGLE!"

    He bursts out of the bushes in front of some well to do mares, trying to ask for help.

    Shepherd: "HRRRAAAGGHKKK!!!"

    Mares: "EEEEEK!"

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  • Wednesday
    Short Hand: Metal Elephants

    Twilight and Shepherd descended into a little explored part of the archives, below the main vaults.

    Twilight: "This is essentially a large warehouse where the Princess and other mages cast stasis spells on whatever we found. Honestly, there's so much junk from your world here!"

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  • Tuesday
    Doohickey and Music Box

    Shepherd helps Doohickey out with an upgrade for Music Box.

    Shepherd: "And I do it like this?"

    Doohickey: "Carefully! Just tuck it in... You all right, sweetie?"

    Music Box: "I'm okay Grandpa!"

    Shepherd: "Annnd... How is that?"

    Doohickey: "Hm... Not bad."

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Real Life Update · 2:34pm October 19th

Been sick with the flu and other things for the past week. And I got obsessed with Naruto again. So writing will be slowed for a bit. Sorry.

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Comments ( 6 )

Hope you get better soon.

Though honestly never did like Naruto. hope to read more of your work soon.

its ok buddy, you go get better first. we will support you always. :twilightsmile:


Lina Inverse would bbq that little punk, and I'd pay to watch.

Hey Naruto himself isn't that bad. Sasuke, on the other hand...

Get well soon.

Most Heinous of Crimes would be fun to see more of, if your muse is listening...

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