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    A New Generation of Grimdark

    October 28-31, 2021

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A New Generation of Grimdark · 12:00am October 19th

October 28-31, 2021

Cover art by MirAmore

Inspired by Maxima's art, and in collaboration with BaeroRemedy, I'm happy to announce a new grimdark story!

Lead Us Not

Premiering October 28 on my account.

Get hyped! Y'all are gonna love it!

Comments ( 11 )

Can’t wait!

This is gonna be so hype.

Nice animated cover art.

Sunny: It's pronounced gif, like in gift.
Twilight: Yeah, you've gotta die now.

This is pretty cool so ill be waiting

This should be fun! I hope this helps kick-start more next-generation grimdark tales. They've always been the scary stories told around the community's fire.

Let's get this grimwagon going !

Intriguing! Can't wait to see what happens!

Though knowing the rest of the phrase makes me think of the Green Goblin shouting "FINISH IT!"

Can't wait for the story, definitely can't wait for the song.

I am so getting first-row seats for this one. You can count on me to start reading this story the day it comes out.

I didn't watch G5 movie, and I don't think I will, so I don't think I will ever read it...
But I wish you best of luck. Write the best grimdark for this generation! :)
Long live The Grimdark!!!

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