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"Snow Cave" A new Pokémon fic Hosted by Archiveofourown.org · 10:33pm October 18th

So recently, I've been getting into Pokémon. There's still a lot about it that I have to learn but I understand one thing and understand it well; it makes for great porn! Unfortunately, I wasn't ready to cross it over with MLP (yet!) and so I had to post it off-site for it not containing any pony. I know, I know. Pathetic! Well, man cannot live on pony alone and Glaceon is sexy as hell so if you're willing to make the journey, and don't mind that the male an underage Vulpix, enjoy this literary adaptation of this shotacon doujin by Koori Nezumi. I don't know what Poképhiles call clopfiction but that's what this is and my prereaders loved it.

Sorry to be so quiet lately. I'm not dead but I am sleepy after writing five whole stories this year which is way more than you normally get. I'm not sure what I'm writing next but I really want to try my hand at a Pokémon/MLP Gen 4 story.

Did I watch the movie? Yes. Yes, I did. With that admission out of the way, I'm staying behind to write gen 4 material, come what may for this website and bronydom as a whole. I have no desire to attempt fanfiction based on the contents of the movie and I'll leave it at that.

I'll let you know when I start writing something pony-related and I hope you're all doing well. Stay away from The Coof!

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I edited it. Excellent work, as always! Though I’m more of an Umbreon guy, myself...

We've been over this. Jolteon or bust! If leaving the Eveeloution tree, Ninetails all the way

Jolteon is a bit prickly-looking and is missing the long, sexy tail common to the rest of the eeveelutions but he's aight.

Ninetails is an awesome choice for non-eevee and an easy runner-up for me. I gotta give it up for VUlpix though, she's just too cute/sexy to pass up.

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