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  • Today
    Attempting a FNAF animatronic edit

    Honestly? So far, I’m hating it. Baby be looking like Slenderman.

    9 comments · 13 views
  • Sunday
    A Quick Peek…

    “…Psst! Hey guys! Is the coast clear?”

    “Looks like it. Let’s go.”

    The shadow ‘lings began moving through the front door and into the interior of the house, now shrouded in a thick layer of darkness, something that wasn’t really too much of an issue with shadow ‘lings.

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    3 comments · 12 views
  • Saturday
    Looking to possibly fix my Switch controller.

    The left joystick has a bad case of Joycon drift.

    36 comments · 89 views
  • Friday
    Mark your calendars

    We finally have a release date.

    11 comments · 39 views
  • Friday
    I just started playing Super Luigi U

    The first thing I noticed was how short the levels were. The star coins were less spaced out, and the time limit was reduced to just over 100 or 200 seconds.

    Not sure if it makes the gameplay better or worse, but since it adds something new to the table, I’ll take it.

    3 comments · 185 views

I really need to get back into Animal Crossing · 10:09pm October 18th

Thank god I still have New Horizons

Comments ( 8 )

Yeah with all the new updates and everything I probably am going to go back to it as well

I really wish I have that game man but I don't but it looks pretty cool

Haven’t tried it yet but I look forward to the experience once I rack up enough monz.

Comment posted by BezierBallad deleted October 20th

Why’d you delete your reply?

I was trying to ask what your comment was supposed to mean.

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