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I like big ponies and I cannot lie.

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You are in Equestria · 6:47am October 18th

Butt it's a typical Bendyfic one.

What would you do? Would you reject big ponies and want normal-sized ponies? Tell them to knock off the growth?

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Comments ( 17 )

I wouldn't mind flutters being big or normal I would love her either way 💛

Keep growing, 'Tia! Don't you dare stop, we need that sunbutt big and healthy!

Give her some cake while she grows.

And if she grows bigger from your love?

Just give me Rainbow Dash, Starlight Glimmer, The Main 7 (Sunset included), Derpy, and a few others to cuddle with, I'd be fine. Although, we would keep the size to a little limit, since I would only want myself to be able to appreciate them.

At least some temporary growth could be fun. Have the best of both worlds, a small pony and a big pony.

Though I am a fan of fetishfics, IRL I'm much more attracted to personality than looks, so it would be hard for me to say.

Considering I suffer from having toxic masculinity, I always want to be the big spoon but also considering I am an autistic dumbass that can't socialize for shit, I would probably have an anxiety attack just trying to introduce myself.
So all in all if I went to Equestria I would likely stay hidden and die without anyone knowing I was even there.

I would stay inside and hide...

The spirit is willing, but the human flesh and bones are weak and brittle...

Big pones are best pones.

They give great hugs

Ah, well. Maybe, things could work out better.

Just gotta get that weight protection spell going.

And big rumps.

I would still give her all my love 😊

Butt it's

Did you actually notice this typo before posting? Because I would have left it in as appropriate to the subject matter.

It was deliberate. Since a lot of my stories have lots of butts in them.

And so would I. But I would like if she could make herself smaller if need be.

Comment posted by Spectre89 deleted October 22nd

If I ended up in one of your universes I would be the happiest man in the Omniverse.

I'm tempted to try and get access to interdimensional travel just so I can get to them.

Swarmed with big fat pony booty that can grow even bigger. The dream.

Truly an ass man's dream come true.

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