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Roleplaying my Lazy way to write · 5:28am Oct 18th, 2021

So I decided I should talk about one of the ways I've kept up writing. I've mostly done Discord RP's where the entire thing is text based with no stats or anything like that even during combat and the like. Now I have also done a game or two of D&D where the RP is more verbal with a stat sheet and its more a game than a co-op writing garbage dump sort of deal. It's one way of constantly polishing little skills such as dialogue between characters by interacting with people with different morals, beliefs, conversation habits, and sometimes most importantly direction, which is why I'd like to talk about one specific group that I've been interacting with. How the story has developed, what I've learned from it, and why I often come back to this.

I've been Roleplaying practically ever since I started writing fanfiction. Sometimes it came in the form of early self insert characters by putting myself in the situation and playing it out. Other times it was in a D&D session where the rules were looser than a town bicycle. Admittedly I know a few people from this site that specifically got me into RP and brought me into countless servers going from setting to setting. With how short lived many of them were I realized that despite how much background work or personality work I put into a character the actual execution is often very different without a chance to ever show what was planned. It helped me make concise characters with a clear fear and goal. It's honestly how I write side characters now. I take an OC I had once used, took their most bare bones features then run with it.

Now I'm mostly writing this as a sort of shower thoughts thing as I usually do. Rambling along without getting to the point. So below allow me to give a general run down on the current RP that I am in and engaging with and why I wanted to talk about it. The players sometimes fall into the trap of ignoring consequences initially, not taking head of potential NPCs or what the other players actually thing about certain things, and I really like that. Having characters with tunnel vision but for different reasons is something I love seeing. I don't see it very often in fiction.

RP Plot-The Vortex

The setting of the RP is in New York City, year 2024, 8 months have passed since the first Calamity made itself known. People now known as Calamities have started to awaken all over the world. These Calamities have gained super natural powers and memories of another world alongside them with no explanation as to why. Calamities get their powers from an anime/manga character and inherent the memories and abilities of said character, but the current world of the RP those sources of media don't exist so the memories don't relate to any fiction. For as far as the characters know, all those memories are real, and the depths of those memories can sometimes bring about something known as Calamity Sickness where the life of those others overshadow the OC. They start developing personality changes or instinctual ticks that they normally never had. Sometimes they'll just become an entirely different person. With so many of the supernatural coming about the world is on edge.

As the RP has progressed so far it has gone like this: the rampant destruction of some Calamities has made it so most of them, even if peaceful, will not be employed or be fired from their jobs. Additionally Law Enforcement has taken measures to arrest people and question them if they even show their powers in public for interrogation, sometimes offering them a job as a Silver Hawk, a new Anti-Calamity force. With the difficulty to find a job many Calamities join this force to live and possibly change the perspective of the public. Additionally a counter force in response to this has been made. Reltora is a Calamity supremacist group that believe that humans are inferior. It has five council members as the founders of the group that manage and lead the members. One of them being a Pikachu, another a Fairy, one being a Magical Girl, then a Demon Lord, and finally one that has yet to be revealed sits back having gone missing.

Pikachu leads the terrorist side of the organization causing mass destruction. Destroying the statue of liberty and going on massacres. The fairy is a cannibal that wants to use humans as cattle, while the magical girl believes Reltora will fail and plots to rip the organization apart from the inside or take the reigns entirely. The Demon Lord true to his title wishes for world domination, studying the aspects of Calamities to understand this new power source that the world has discovered. The two main factions have it so the Silver Hawks are a struggling group despite government backing, they aren't fully signed on and is lacking members, while on the other hand Reltora is brimming with members and activity. They are the ones with free use of their powers, mostly due to unlawful activity, and are proactive. It sets up this really nice duality and clear disadvantage with both groups. One is for protecting people, but they're practically chained into doing it. The other is about personal freedom, but is on the brink of civil war with its own leaders not seeing eye to eye.

Now with the set up and plot explained in the broad strokes of everything let me get on with some of the characters which is why I wanted to write up this whole thing in the first place.

RP Characters-The Calamity

Now while I liked talking about the factions I want to talk about two characters that aren't part of those factions. They're examples of characters that even though aren't directly involved in anyway with them, still end up being affected by their actions regardless. One of them is called Robert, his power is Wheel of Fortune from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, and the other is Akeno, his power is from Shirou Emiya from Fate/Stay Night. Robert is in his 60's while the memories of the person he received barely hit their 30's before going kaput. Thus he never dealt with Calamity Sickness in any way keeping himself firm in where he is and what he wants to do. Akeno, however, is only 15 and when he inherited the memories became overwhelmed by them not unable to fully cope with what starts to flood his mind, painful sensation, regret, and a life far past his own. Akeno is deeply affected by Calamity Sickness and tries to be the hero that Shirou tried to be.

Without the understanding or knowledge of where he truly was he fought rashly and without understanding of his environment. He fired an arrow that caused a massive explosion in an alleyway to try and kill someone believing killing them would save more lives in the future. Instead what it got him was caving in the sides of the two tall buildings in NY as they start to collapse on him, possibly killing many of those lives he told himself he was going to save and now armed forces like the Silver Hawks and Military are on the look for him. Robert actually knew Akeno and goes to save him. The two very clearly don't see eye to eye as Robert notices the destruction but Akeno barely registers it.

Akeno so desperately wants to believe he was right in what he did. Robert on the other hands wants desperately to help a misguided kid to not be the monster he's become, yet doesn't believe the Silver Hawks would help someone that just killed a ton of civilians. It is this sort of thing why I keep Role Playing. I got so invested in this where I just had to write a thing on them and how I feel about it.

Summarizing the wall of text

I had one character interact with a newbie writer that did an action that they didn't think through. By improvising off of one dumb action it shifted into this really intense emotional and action driven moment that really reminded me why I loved writing. Sometimes in order to get a story moving you have to throw in one really dumb character to make all plans the others have fall apart, such as someone just wants to live a peaceful life helping in small ways, but some dumbass has done something drastic and they can't just ignore it. I would recommend people to try giving RP a shot if they wanna write stuff. It's a pretty lax way to get a story moving cause you aren't the only writer there, some people there aren't even writers and are just playing a game. I'd be down to invite people to the server where this all takes place. One way or another I hope I can continue to learn. Life's too boring to just not find something new every day or so.

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as a side note I could post like actual plot summaries every now and then if people are interested. I've sent a few to my friends through text and that's how I got one to try and join the whole thing, so I got a few loose summaries just sort of saved up.

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