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Artists sometimes spew creation like a fountain of colorful vomit. Other times we must work, and toil, and practice until our fingers paint our keyboard and our story red with our efforts.

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  • Sunday
    New Chapter is Out!

    Married ponies trying to figure out how sleeping works in a pile. Dreams that shouldn't be. Purple-smart becoming a perversion of what she imagined. We have it all here folks.

    chapter link

    and as always thanks for reading. XD

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  • 6 days
    Upload Schedule

    Since I seem to have grown into a comfortable rhythm I thought I'd post what my upload schedule looks like currently.

    Every Sunday: That One Time Two

    First Three Wednesdays of the Month: Trixie is Pregnant and its Twilight's Problem

    Last Wednesday of the month: Twilight's Harem Havok.

    keep in mind I'm also an idiot so this is not perfect but it's a good expectation.

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  • 1 week
    Tanking a Small Break

    I probably should have put this up earlier. I'll be taking a break this week from new updates. Holidays and such. I'll start posting again this Wednesday and sunday. Sorry for the delays, but thanks for reading. XD

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  • 2 weeks
    New chapter out!!!

    Can you beleive it, we are finally at chapter fifteen, and hoo boy are thinks starting to get rowdy.

    Chapter Link

    and as always, thanks for reading. XD

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  • 2 weeks
    Chapter Forty Four is Out

    I know it's a day late. Sorry about that. I still needed to get this chapter out today, so here it is.

    Chapter Link

    and as always, thanks for Reading. XD

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New Chapter, already? · 5:26am October 17th

With my new days off, I'm changing a little of how I upload. Here's the new chapter of this crazy, zany, whacky story about ponies getting married and whatever else they do. I promise there will be cake.

Chapter Link

and as always, thanks for reading. XD

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Finished it already:coolphoto:

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