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A Satire about Freedom & Responsibility · 8:30pm Oct 16th, 2021

[ satire ]

The Government says that says that I must obey its traffic-laws. If I choose to risk my life by driving recklessly, that is my choice. ¡Free Dumb! I refuse to get a driver's license and never obey traffic-laws. If I die, it is my choice. I have an example from last Tuesday:

I drove drunk, while texting, driving at far over the speed limit, driving on the wrong side of the road, in a school-zone, at 8 AM while screaming "¡Free Dumb!". If one of the 7 kids whom I hit and killed would have gone through my windshield and would have killed me, I would accept my death as the cost of free dumb.

[ / satire ]

The arguments of CoViDiots inspired this satire. The CoViDiots only consider their willingness to risk their own lives; while ignoring the harm their actions inflict on others. CoViDiots are menaces to society.

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