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Well… it’s a start · 7:17pm October 16th

*A whistle blows, and men yell as gunfire and explosions begin happening*

*The instrumental is kicked off by two drums, followed by the guitars*


Tonight we die!


They were sent far from home
To a land so unknown
Sent there with one purpose in mind
African Americans, prepare themselves 
To die!

With rifles in hand, the 369th
Charge into no-man's land
They’re fierce dogs of war
An acceptable force
That no German could withstand!

Don't tread on me,
God damn, let’s go!

In the woods of Belleau
Or in Chateau-Thiery
Gunsmoke in the air
Bullets strike their friends

They stood their ground in the middle of this hell
To protect those who didn’t give a damn!

Here come the Harlem Hellfighters!
The angels sent straight from Hell
Here come the Harlem Hellfighters!
Men of Bronze who gave their lives for their fellow countrymen


What else could I add?

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Woah, what is it?

Naw, it’s that song I’m working on

Looks like a speech in song form lol

That’s what I was thinking

Could be


It’s about a regiment of (mostly) African Americans who fought in WW1

Thinking. You said what should you add

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