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  • Friday
    Rough start

    So when I left I decided to instead try to have a break for a few months. Which ended up to one... and didn’t seem to help much with this violent thoughts I keep having towards one pony.

    Anyway, of course it gets worse when i forget to wish my friend “Happy Birthday” and a relative passes away!


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  • 7 weeks
    Major news

    I hate having to say this but... I think I have to part from this fandom. I’ll still come on and finish off my Jimglemas story, it’s so close to the end so it’d suck to just dump it.


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  • 7 weeks
    Story news

    “Lost In Mysticia” has been cancelled. I plan to bring it back, but with a few major differences. This isn’t my final choice, however. But I likely won’t be publishing until “Diamonds of Stardust” is finished.

    The rest “Diamonds of Stardust” is being written down completely before I upload each chapter. So the next update is gonna take a while...

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  • 8 weeks

    I’m actually kinda scared about not getting the Jimglemas story done on time! The process is going so slow!


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  • 8 weeks
    G5 vs Google Translate

    So... I watching some google translated songs stuff on YouTube. Then I remembered this that I made a while back with G4 characters

    So I decided to do it again! But with G5 ponies


    1. Sunny Starscout
    2. Izzy Moonbow
    3. Hitch Trailblazer
    4. Pipp Petals
    5. Zephyrina ‘Zipp’ Storm
    6. Queen Haven

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Apology · 9:29am Oct 16th, 2021

If you don’t know what happened don’t ask! It may be seen as minor but I still feel the need to apologise

To everyone who saw that earlier, I am sorry that I posted it, I just thought it’ll be a cool thing. I regret posting and feel embarrassed about it, I’m very sorry you guys had to go through it.

I hope you’re able to forgive me for my actions and move on, I really hope you’re not hurt from my bad choice.

Forgive and forget, right?

Comments ( 5 )

It wasn't that big of a deal...



Sorry I just got really nervous and embarrassed... when I first published it I started to re-think it and I was surprised how soon I got a comment and when you said


I wasn’t sure if you were upset, annoyed, angry, playful, kidding or reacting to a characters actions...

Just a mix between bad timing and uh... uh stage fright but with a story I guess....

You’re not upset at me, right?


I was just reactin, homes.

Okay... sorry about the way I reacted too..

And how’d you find my apology?

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