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Looking back · 3:31am October 16th

So, in an effort to build up more energy to write, I've started reading some of my very old stories. You know... the ones before FIM.

I've always held the belief that if I can read, and re-read a story I wrote, despite the cringe, it's a sign that I was doing something right. Although I did discover some unnecessary details I would add back then, that really don't add anything to the story, or worse, do a disservice to the characters.

Do you guys have similar experiences when looking back at old works you still like?

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I reread what Ive posted here time to time. Aside from the choices Ive made on how to write them, I'm mostly proud of it. Lack of planning's killed all my attempts so far but besides my first story I still feel good about putting words to paper and actually getting the idea out.

Every time I look back at an old work of mine before staring in Fimfic, it's a mixture of nostalgia and "Holy f*ck I hope I'm doing things better now"

Yes. A lot of my current project is b/c I read Princess Celestia: The CHangeling Queen and was like... "I want to do that drama again." XD

I never published any fanfics before writing here, so there isn’t anything to read over.

Oh yeah, I love hearing myself "talk".

My old writing is hot garbage and I hate rereading most of it. But that's a sign that I've grown as an author. We all hit varying degrees of that feeling.

Though I find myself annoyed with my past self's occasional stilted line of dialogue and/or sloppy attempt at prose, I feel as though my early work has aged, all things considered, fairly decently. At the very least, it's not bad for someone who, at the time, approached fanfiction with all the blind, overzealous enthusiasm of a child who stumbled into a candy store and ravenously devoured every free sample in sight.

That being said, I must admit I do miss my past self's conviction, even if it was often misguided. Though I'd like to believe my storytelling (both in terms of plotting and writing) has improved by leaps and bounds, the controversy surrounding the series finale β€” particularly, the exact manner in which certain users elected to profess their frustrations β€” crippled the confidence I once had in the stories I wished to tell, and, try as I may, I am yet to fully recover from the blow. Until I do, I imagine there will always be a portion of me envying the days where I had the sheer audacity to hastily write a hackneyed feghoot within a month-long contest's final three hours, then chuck the resulting abomination headlong at a panel of the fandom's veritable elite.

My very first story I published online was on FiMFic, back in 2012. On a different account, of course. For what it is it still holds up. It's like the only story I wrote from that period of my life to have any merit. πŸ’€

Looking at my old favorites sounds awesome, but I already have super limited time. I haven't been able to read new stuff my known authors are putting out, read current updates of stories I'm following, or read old favorites of OTHER people that get recommended to me. I'm also trying to not be pulled away from the MLP fandom even though I've gotten really into the Worm fanfiction community.

Lately I've been in the trap where I have a ton of things I want to read and respond to online, and that when I have the spare time, I put off the decision. So by the time I go to sleep I feel like I've wasted the chances I had. I didn't even get to join in on discussion immediately after the G5 movie came out. I had kind of spent all my effort on a big blog post detailing my fears and skepticism of it. Even with that I had to hurry to post it just the night before.

I can't remember the author or the exact quote, but paraphrased it went "Once you have made your first sale, gather together everything you have written to that point and burn it." I used to think that was a dumb idea, but the more I write, the more sense it makes. I can certainly tell the age of a story by looking through it now, even the ones that I made multiple edit passes through over the years.

Its good to read your old stories. Then you can see the evolution of your writing.

I have a couple I keep reading over, partly because they're nostalgic for me, but partly because I'm still trying to glean what made them work so well. They're badly written and have terrible grammar, but they contain some sort of magic that I've never really been able to fully replicate since. Rather annoying.

It was probably pratchett. He did tend to destroy his old drafts for a book after it was finished.

I cringe at some of my older stuff, but the ideas do shine through even then. Past a certain threshold, I can read and genuinely enjoy it.

>reads old stories
Yup. Still awesome.

Oh, thank God, someone else does this! I thought I was just a vain prick for going back and reading my own stories. :rainbowlaugh:

But yeah, I do occasionally read my old stuff, mainly to remind myself what I did that worked. These days I have a problem fleshing out stories. All I can really visualize is dialogue. So going back and seeing what I did back when I could bang out a few thousand words a day on my phone in the brief little moments I could sneak away from the privates helps me get back on track sometimes.

I sometimes go an reread my old stories. Sometimes I cringe, others I see the massive unnecessary details, while in others I get a massive nostalgia hit.

I still need to get more experience under my belt before I can really start reading back. That being said... I've kept every single rough draft I've made over the years. Not many have seen the light of day beyond my personal computer screen. We'll see how I feel opening that can of worms once I've written more.
Already life has made me post chapters only periodically because I'm just exhausted when I get home from work, so I barely write until some weird moment of inspiration allows me to crank out chapter after chapter.
Need to build a buffer, as it were. Then I can start looking back once I've done more

Do you guys have similar experiences when looking back at old works you still like?

There are very, very few things I've written that I can actually look back on and not hate.

I haven't published anything because I get that feeling so rapidly that I'm still pinwheeling through revising my unpublished ideas while I wait for my growth as a writer of fiction to start to level off a bit.

Well, while I will always go back to edit typos and grammatical errors in old stories, there are some with some obvious plot holes that have been pointed out, that I can never really get rid of because they're part of the plot now.

But none of that is so bad that it'd make me dislike the story. If a story had ever come close to that, I would never have posted it here in the first place :twilightsmile:

Honestly I reread my old stuff a lot. Sometimes I feel like I've gotten worse in an effort to make updates come out faster, but deep down I know it's just because I've worked on strengthening different skills over the years. I used to be terrible at dialogue, and other times I would just railroad implausible plots into existing, but now organic dialogue and proper pacing are things I consider personal strengths.

It's no longer on, but a fic I wrote in High School... similar situation I have with you (taking over a fic). Yeah... it's... yeah...

I do feel the same way, yes.

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