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Scrapped bit from chapter 2 [SPOILERS: THIS WAS REWRITTEN] · 3:12am October 16th

Check it out below the break. This scene still exists in the fic, but I rewrote it after deciding that things felt a bit off with this section. :P

"Any lu--"

"WAAGH!" Hitch jumped at Sunny's touch. "Er, no. Sorry, Sunny, but we haven't found her anywhere yet."

"Oh... well," Sunny glanced at the dragon standing beside them. "Spike said that Pipp might be in Fluttershy's cottage."


"Fluttershy. One of the Elements of Harmony? We've talked about her before, remember?"

A quiet staccato of clicks caught Hitch's attention before he could answer. Spike seemed to tense up a little at the noise, whispering "timberwolf" under his breath.

"I'm sorry, could you say that again?" Hitch leaned closer to Spike. "Didn't quite catch tha--"

He was promptly tackled by a timberwolf pup.

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