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  • Today

    Haven’t finished it yet, but so far it looks aight

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  • Tuesday
    Cutting my hair

    Oogie soogie

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  • Tuesday
    Pibby mods

    Apparently there’re Pibby mods in FNF and oh my fucking god. I mentioned watching these the other day and, obviously my favorite;

    No-Hero has to be the creepiest in terms of atmosphere lol. The starting melody sounds rather desolate and solemn, nodding to the atmosphere of Pibby itself, and when I say Finn flips the fuck out—

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  • Monday
    First time holding a shotgun

    In reality it was when my mom had me carry it back into the house, cause she took it apart and didn’t put it together right, but it unloads fine. Didn’t get to shoot it though. But it’s aight.

    Shot her revolver and Glock again, but it was getting dark so she said we’d go again when it was lighter out. My ears hurt, and my throat’s dry, but I had fun.

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  • Sunday
    Watching Adventure Time

    Never watched it before cause I thought I wouldn’t like it. So far it’s really goofy and bizarre and I love it so much—

    Plus, seeing Finn flip out is the funniest and coolest shit. Also, Lumpy Space Princess is an absolute vibe.

    I fucking love this show—

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This is probably why I don’t talk to my aunt that much · 11:44pm October 15th

Me: Oh hey, it sounds like my aunt’s watching Squid Game! I’m gonna go see what episode is on.

Also me: *immediately walks in on a sex scene*

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Comments ( 8 )

My favorite part of whatever that episode was.

That was my reaction. People fucking in a bathroom stall. It was more awkward that it was actually a really corny scene

It’s kinda the reason why I’ve been hesitant to watching the show, as much as it grabs my attention.

Oh? The corny part?

Well the show itself is really good. Personally wasn’t satisfied by the ending- in reality it made me really mad. Like the ending of Infinity War and End Game. But I think it’s worth giving a spin

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