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This page is for the lewd and depraved writing concocted by Septia. Naturally, only the pony related gets posted here. For the rest of my work, head to my Eka's or FurAffinity.

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  • Friday
    A Weary Traveller Gains a Friend.

    Today we have the conclusion to last week's story, when all comes to a boiling point, how will our Diamond Dog react?

    Happy Filthy Friday~.

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  • 1 week
    February Artpack unleashed and bone breaking

    Almost a year ago now, I took part in the Lustful Lent Pony Artpack, and today I'll start posting the story submitted for it. It has been a lot of fun, and I am eager to work with them more~.

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  • 2 weeks
    A Dangerous Encounter

    I saw them far away, they did not consider me at first. I had seen such many times, and they became but a fleeting image passing the balcony of my senses.
    Yet, something curious happened: they saw me.

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  • 3 weeks
    Back to regular Broadcasts.

    Time stretches on, with you in tow or not. It asks not to keep up pace, merely to stay on the path. Each a step, after another.
    But what if, there really was something beyond?
    Beyond the veil of the route that engraves existence, beyond our grasp of life?
    Is that a place we can walk to, or do we simply fall over the edge?

    Happy Filthy Friday~.

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  • 4 weeks
    Pinkie Pie and Poems

    Fun little Pinkie Story to come today~.
    Be on the lookout in your gardens.

    When the darkest nights are coming, when the sun breathes a sigh of relief,
    how the spirits are ever longing, though their visit might be brief.
    Masks are brought and placed upon, ripped from many mannequin,
    they take the streets to roam thereon, the mask unveiling what's therein.

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Anal Vore Autumn Art Pack Unleashes · 9:44pm October 15th

I have collaborated with some great artists to bring out another pony artpack.

Anal vore Autumn

It contains animations, over 30 illustrations, and a new story of mine that has a tie in comic by Dendollae.
Blazeblue, Augustbebel, Crazy Water, novaspark, Ladytechna and more are all involved.

Head to Derpibooru or Eka's portal for the announcement, since I cannot post links to it.

The artpack itself is on E-junkie.

Sometimes it is easy to miss the other travellers on the road. If you only look at your own footprints, then it appears as if everything is against you. If you are told, through yourself or others, that the travellers on your side, are after you, or even worse... that they don't care about you at all, you can be inclined to believe it. Why keep your eyes locked on the path, when you are on this journey for the scenery?
Safety. Perceived safety. And despite its effects, value is found there too.

Happy Filthy Friday~.

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