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Factober #15 – JAWS 🎃👻🦈🛥 · 5:00pm October 15th

Shark looks fake.

Now that we got that joke out the way, let's get on board with Jaws.

The mechanical shark the crew used during filming was given the nickname "Bruce".

If you haven't guessed yet (or already knew), Pixar's Finding Nemo includes the iconic vegetarian-ish shark Bruce as an homage to the 1975 horror classic.

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Comments ( 6 )

Yeah we got that one. Cool little tidbit wouldn't ya think?

i didn't know about that i thought it was coincidence that's actually really cool lol

I really liked the behind the scenes stuff for Bruce and the filming process. Apparently they made the anamatronic without making sure it functioned in water, (freaking duh people). So from day one of filming it didn't work, that's why you actually see so little of the shark in the movie. Apparently the crew got really sick of hearing "the shark isn't working" over the radio during filming. So much so that they could hardly believe it when they finally heard, "the shark is working" one day and they could actually film the scenes with the shark.

Fun fact They named it bruce after one of the directors lawyers because of how much it cost the movie

Yep, that's right. They also called a particular mechanical version of the shark "The Great White Turd" because of how frustrating it was to operate.

"You're gonna need a bigger boat."

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