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Question of the Week #27 · 5:01am October 15th

Welcome back to Question of the Week, the blog where I ask you all a question (or sometimes many questions) for the week. So let us begin.

So I have been working on some short stories to be releasing in the future, however I also have some long(ish)fics that have been bouncing around in my head and so I figured I would go ahead and ask you which of these stories you would like to see written (please note that this doesn't mean that only one of these will be written, merely which one you like the most and might like to see written/finished first).

Now here are the stories for you to look at and tell me which one you like the most:

Apple Bloom's Monstr... Mystical Potion Shop
Characters: OCs, Apple Bloom, Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle, and probably a few others.
Summery: This is the story of Globula Gum. A mare who suddenly has a really bad day when she suddenly learns that the stallion she has feelings for suddenly reveals his love for another mare. Depressed and low on funds, Gum looks through the Manehatten newspaper, to stumble upon a job offer for a potion shop. What could possibly go wrong?

As it would turn out, Miss Apple Bloom's potions aren't your mere run of the mill elixir. Now that she is Apple Bloom's new guinea pig employee, Gum's life is going to be transformed... Literally!

Will Globula Gum ever be able to find love?

What to Expect: Basically a story where Globula Gum tests potions, is transformed by said potions all while trying to deal with her emotions pertaining to lost love as well as her attraction for another pony... who just so happens to be a zebra.

Why Do I Have Tentacles?
Characters: OCs, occasionally other characters from the show that serve as customers at the bar.
Summery: Night Light, a town on the coast, located near the Seaward Shoals, this town used to be Neon's home years ago. After years of traveling through Equestria, he has returned to Night Light with the hope of creating a life for himself. Thankfully with some prior arrangements he already have a job and a place of residence waiting for him.

Returning home, Neon was greeted by one of his old classmates, Jade Jolt and had a great day working as a bartender at the Musky Cavern bar. Not only that, but an attractive mare started hitting on Neon at the end of his shift and has expressed some interest in sharing the night.

What could possibly go wrong?

What to Expect: The joke behind this story was to make fun of the joke/meme, Tentacles = Rape. What I mean by that is that there are ALOT of tentacles and tentacle symbolism with romantic/suggestive elements but everything is consensual... well sort of. Neon didn't consent to being turned into a tentacle monster, but that's okay because it's the emphasis of the story... Right?

Anyway, in the story Neon will be trying to continue his work as a bartender, uncover the mystery behind his transformation as well as the mysteries lurking in shadows of the quiet seaside town.

Maids and Monsters
Characters: OC, Dark Moon, Raven Inkwell, Aloe Vera and Lotus Blossom, Wallflower Blush
Summery: Sherry has had a rough life. Being named after an alcoholic beverage by her drunken mother and then everyone assuming she's easy because of it doesn't help much. After losing her job, life has become difficult for Sherry.

However that all changes when a noble named Dark Moon hires Sherry to work for him as a maid. Now she actually has a home with a handsome stallion that actually treats her decently. There is just one... well, actually five problems. As it would turn out there are other maids who serve Dark Moon and apparently all of them have some romantic interest in the charming man. Then there's the strange beasts that appear to be showing up around the manor that are wrecking havoc. Furthermore, Dark Moon seems to be, well... oblivious to both the monsters as well as his maids' romantic advancements.

What to Expect: This is actually the one and only story on this list that takes place in the Equestria Girls Universe. While Sherry is trying to express her love for her new master while also dealing with the other five maids that are working at the manor. Then on top of that there are the monsters that keep showing up and attacking the manor. To make matters worse, when killed Sherry doesn't die but instead finds herself in the grasp of some fearsome, eldritch being before waking up the next day in her bed.

However, while Sherry is trying to earn the affection of her love, as she works with and fights alongside her fellow maids, Sherry finds herself making some new friends.

And there you have it, the three big ideas I have for some longfics. The question being, which of these do you like the most:

  1. Apple Bloom's Monstr... Mystical Potion Shop
  2. Why Do I Have Tentacles?
  3. Maids and Monsters

Please feel free to tell me which one you choose in the comments below.

Thank you all for coming this week, thank you for reading my question and I hope you have a good day.

Comments ( 7 )

Seeing as I’ve already edited a part of your tentacle story, I’m probably not a neutral judge. I do like that idea the most, I’m especially interested to see how he deals with it in everyday situtaions.

I also remember you making a blog about the maid thing before, wasn’t that ponies back then?

I would like to read 2. Why Do I Have Tentacles?, since I love a normal stallion meets a mystery mare type story. By the way, if Maids and Monsters takes place in the Equestria Grils Universe, then is this noble named Dark Moon a handsome stallion or a charming man? As a brony whose first language is not English, I hope that you can understand what I'm trying to say.

3. sounds like it has the most possibility for fun and unexpected twists and turns. Regarding 2., need to change the name of the town so the Reader doesn’t think you are referring to Twilight Sparkle’s dad all the time. How about Night Cay or Final Harbor?

5595968 Yeah, originally they were ponies but later I felt that having it take place in the EqG universe where magic is sparse, would help amplify the strangeness of it.

5596006 So Dark Moon is actually a background stallion in the MLP series that will merely be shown here as an adult human man. If that makes sense.

5596106 While the name is the same I don't think a change is necessary for the following reasons.

  1. Night Light isn't going to be in the story.
  2. There are lore reasons why the town is called Night Light.
  3. If we had to rename locations because they share the name of a person many locations (especially here in America) would have to have their names changed. Can't have people confusing the Washington monument for Goarge Washington or the town of St. Maries because someone might confuse it for Mary.

I’m leaning towards 2.

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