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Known as the British Speedfreak, friend of Rainbow Dash, nemesis of Oscura Galaxia and contributor to Burnout Crossovers.

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  • Today
    What Oscura's Army of Extreme Darkness may include

    Panzerdragon (A robotic dragon built like a tank)
    Oscura City Super Guard (A super-tough 15 foot tall robot with either lasers or proton cannons
    Panzerserpent (An underwater creature built like a tank)
    Panzermoth (A 7.5 meter long moth-like tank with a laser on it's body
    Laserpanzerdragon (The same as a Panzerdragon but with laser gun.

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  • Today

    What would be your reaction if Danger won the British Grand Prix in 2022.

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  • Thursday
    My theory on my dislikes

    I think the Alliance of Extreme Darkness members are making Fimfiction accounts and disliking them

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  • Tuesday
    Plans for 2022

    1. Continue with DangerVerse Motorsport Events but in that year, I'm going to it all randomized.
    2. Post a story about what if Danger, Aria, Rainbow, Spitfire and Lightning Dust had their own TV show about vehicle challenges and crazy shenanigans.
    3. Upload The Battle of Danger City Part Three (Still haven't thought of a title yet)

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  • Monday
    Picture this #1

    You're watching a race, and you see cars numbered 13 and 15, what does that mean to you?

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Update · 12:56am October 15th

I noticed that my upcoming story is... for some reason taking a long time to moderate, I think I'm gonna wait until 2022 at this rate.

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