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Sis: You're the father. Bro: ...hey? I BETTER BE!!

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  • Friday

    Marriage - It's like a DLC, which may or may not be worth the price.

    Marriage DLC: Please, Don't Be Horse Armor...

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  • 1 week
    When She's Shy.

    When your little sister is shy.

    When she's that other kind of shy.

    I mean, she knew exactly what she was doing.

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  • 3 weeks

    It's odd really. In spite of being literally barred from certain interactions with the system, I'm still allowed to cast my vote. It's very interesting, that while I can't help decide the fate of the individual, but I can help decide the fate of millions.

    Did I vote today?

    No, of course not...

    I voted early.

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  • 3 weeks
    The Prettiest Bird of Them All

    Bro: Looks like the bird is finally free. Leftist freaks mad...

    Sis: So, Elon Musk finally got his hands on the platform? Good.

    Bro: He can have that bird app. You're the only bird worth giving up the world for and the only one, I'm interested in.

    Sis: Aw, how sweet.

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  • 4 weeks
    Which Third Are You?

    Which Third Are You?

    Personally, I'd place myself within the last third in this scenario. Some things are simply of no real importance to me, thus I see no real reason to become involved.

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Indifference makes the world goes "meh..." · 12:37pm Oct 14th, 2021

Remember when I mocked the concerns about Nazis invading the fandom with an image of Rarity? Well, seeing as there's an entirely new generation of ponies, I've decided that it's time for a bit of an update.

Nazis in the fandom?
Anti-trans legalization being passed in multiple states of the US?
Lgbtetc rights being diminished in Hungary and Poland?
Transphobia on Netflix?
Other woke concerns?!?!

Izzy's just so cute!

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