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"Fragile and easily startled. If you move too fast he gets scared and hides under the bed." -Aragon

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GoFundMe for Help That I Need, and a Happier Update as Well · 5:33am Oct 14th, 2021

I wish I didn’t have to ask, and a huge part of me wants to preface with an apology—even though I know that’s really silly—but I would greatly appreciate some financial help.

Here is the GoFundMe that I've set out, and info is below.

Right now my financial situation is not the best. I have been severely struggling with making rent and bills. I’ve been getting everything paid more or less on time, thankfully, but that has left me behind on other things. I’m more worried while buying groceries because I don’t know if I’ll be able to pay the next bill, and my car is in very much need of maintenance and repair, which I can’t afford. It's down to the point where it's no longer safe to drive because it just needs work on it, and the work that I am doing, I'm doing myself to save money.

In short, I’m keeping my head above the water for now, but I’m struggling to stay afloat, and I can’t keep up for much longer.

I would be absolutely grateful for any help, big or small. Some people have been very gracious and helped me find cheaper alternatives to big expenses—car insurance is the big one—but more immediate costs like groceries or car maintenance I can’t cover while still making rent or utilities, those problems are impossible without simply more money.

I’m a full-time college student in engineering; for me the school year goes year-round, including summer, so I’m not able to get a summer job. I do have a part-time job, but it involves physically visiting schools to teach kids about STEM.

This meant that once COVID swept through, I was basically out of a job – I can go all the way back in my shifts and pinpoint exactly when my last shift was: a week before the lockdown occurred in my state. Even now, though visits are happening again, recently there was a month the team visited zero schools, I’m still feeling the aftereffects of it. I don't know when my next shift will be, how many hours it'll be, or—even if I'll make enough money for rent—whether I'll get that check before rent is due.

Anything would help, and I do mean any amount or any signal boost. Thank you all!

And now so to soothe my mind about having to ask for something and to pull a leaf from MrNumber's book about giving back, I wanted to give you an update about how I've been doing.

Firstly, if all things go well, I'm going to graduate this semester and (if things go really well) I'll find a job in the aerospace industry, since I've picked up a passion for it in college. I'm still super active in Discords, and those of all who see me there know I'm doing rocketry stuff all the time.

Here's a picture of a rocket that I worked on blasting off in New Mexico to 10,000ft in altitude. It's nearly 14 feet long!

Past that, I'm actually active within the writing circles again, though my profile wouldn't show that. I'm reading every now and then, definitely not as much as I used to, and I'm editing again, also definitely not as much as I used to, but interesting stories as always. A shameless plug, I've been editing Monochromatic's Sapphire Eyes, sequel to Crimson Lips and I've been greatly enjoying it. Check out her The Last Resort project too!

And updates on other people whom I used to work with a lot, Aragon started a Twitter just last month and it's been hilarious. And Jawjoe, who isn't in the fandom anymore, is still writing original fiction under the name G.S. Taylor, he has two books out now! Check them out on Amazon.

Lastly, looking back on my blogs, I realize that I didn't make a blogpost about me attending Bronycon 2019. I probably should have, the experiences there were great and it was very touching to meet some of the people I've known so long only online. Aragon was a hoot, NCMares was suave and just as chill in real life as he is online, and I watched Monochromatic literally bring people to tears with her storytelling, it was surreal. That woman has too much power, I tell you. Very many unforgettable experiences, with so many amazing people, much too many too name. I hope to attend more conventions in the future, and I promise I'll make a blog about it, if only to weave another viewpoint into a story and accompany my friend's blogs.

Thank you for reading, and until next time.

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Author Interviewer

You shouldn't have to justify your own existence. :C I'll spread the word just as soon as I can.

Thank you, I really appreciate it, truly! Both for the reassurance and also for spreading the word.

Good luck!

and re the rocketry:
Ah, neat.

Oh.. I’d love to help you, but I’m sorry, I can’t at the moment as I don’t have a bank account, or anything.

I found you on accident and have no idea who you are but I'll donate some money when I get paid on Friday.

Hi, nice to meet you! Thank you for being generous, but just making sure you saw, the GoFundMe has been fully funded! I'm in a much better situation now, so don't donate since it sounds like you'd need the money too.

Oh, alright then, sorry I was to late to help, happy to hear your financially stable though.

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