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Rated's Adoption Blog Crossover Edition · 7:30pm Oct 13th, 2021

Greetings my fellow Bronies from around the world. Yup, its been awhile since I've done one of these but I figured it was time to do one. I decided to do something special and give only crossover ones this time. However, upon looking through all the ideas I still have there are really only a few that seem to work still, and a few new ones I've come up with on the fly. So, this one is the shortest one that I've done due to the fact that there are only four ideas this time.

For those of you who are new to this, If this is your first time reading my blog and/or Adoption posts allow me to quickly explain. I have tons of ideas I get for MLP fanfiction, I can't just write them all since I'm not superhuman. Instead, I give them out for writers to do on their own free will, provided they have the ability to write and have the time to give dedication. There is nothing wrong with taking an idea from somebody and giving your own twist on it, provided you acknowledge the idea came from somewhere else.

To check out the others I've done, which have many stories still open, check out my blog log and type in "adoption" in the search bar to get the results. It's first come first serve and if you want an idea you need to PM me.

Now let's show you what I got this time:


1. Title: A Sword In Equestria (Crossover with Pokemon) (Adopted by Joe Toon

Genre: “Crossover, Adventure, Romance, Comedy, Dark, Sad”

Summary: “In the Pokemon World, half of the Legendary Pokemon had been brainwashed by Team Rocket in order to serve them, forcing the other Legendries, League Champions, and other important trainers to fight them to prevent Team Rock from brining the world to ruin. During the battle, Keldeo, the youngest of the Swords of Justice, seemingly sacrifices himself to protect his fellow Swords from a combined attack of brainwashed Dialga and Palkia. His apparent death is enough motivation to their side to free the Legendaries, but at such a high cost as they and many others mourn the loss of Keldeo, including the Swords of Justice who feel they lost a son.

However, Keldeo has survived. The combined attack of the Pokemon of Space and Time have sent Keldeo into another world where there are no Pokemon, but other creatures such as ponies, griffins, dragons, and more. After meeting with the Student Six and helping them in the Everfree Forest, Keldeo is made a student at Friendship Academy to have a temporary home while trying to find a means back to his world that believe he’s gone for good. During so, he creates such tight bonds with those around him while growing stronger that it becomes harder and harder for him to accept leaving Equestria.”

-This idea is inspired by a few Pokemon in Equestria fanfictions that I’ve seen. Usually, it’s a popular non-legendary Pokemon like Lucario, Absol, Raichu, or others. I think the only Legendary Pokemon ever used was Mewtwo once but don’t quote me on that. Obviously, putting a powerful Legendary would make them OP, even in a world like Equestria so after watching the movie where Keldeo debuts, I realized he would be a perfect Pokemon for such an event. Keldeo is still young as a Legendary and thus not as powerful as the others. In terms of power, he’s not a strong as someone as say Starlight, Twilight, Celestia, Luna, Chrysalis, Tirek, or Discord, still being young (By legendary standards) and only being a Sword of Justice fully for a short time.

-As for what kind of Keldeo this is, its mostly the movie type in terms of personality, but you are free to use the comic version as well. Or you can develop your own for him. The one thing is that Keldeo is seen as a son figure to Virizion and Cobalion and a younger brother to Terrakion. His apparent death hurts them very much and chapters that take part in the pokemon world are to show how all the legendries are dealing with the loss of their own such as Virizion and Cobalion realizing just how much Keldeo meant to them and that grief turns them into a couple that slowly moves on together or how Dialga and Palkia feel guilty about what they did despite being under mind control. But that’s the Pokemon side of things.

-In Equestria, Keldeo becomes a student at the Friendship Acadamy (it takes place a few months after the end of the series) and becomes close friends with the Student Six who learn from him, and he learns from them. The seven them all go on different adventures, especially since the Six are now the inheritors of the Elements of Harmony. Keldeo becomes more powerful as a result, but also grows more attached to this new world he starts to enjoy more and more while stilling looking for a way back home. There are other plots and such but its too spoiler so I would tell these to the person who adopts this idea.

2. Title: Salvation From The Stars (Crossover with Stellaris)

Genre: “Crossover, Adventure, Dark, Sci-Fi”

Summary: “The Grand Galactic Federation has survived many trials from Fallen Empires to dimensional horrors from beyond, yet it has remained unified despite these hardships. Currently, recovering from the galactic crisis known as the Prethoryn Scourge, the Federation has established a new unified planet colony in planet of Iona III, named Rebirth as it is made of colonists who lost everything from the Scourge. For the past seventeen years, they have been making their star system a strong one while observing a strange pre-space flight species that contains sentient creatures similar to Earth’s mythology and have named this world “Arcane” due to translations of their language stating they use “magic”.

While observing this planet, the observation post soon detects remnants of the Prethoryn Scourge arriving on the planet. Knowing that this world is unprepared for the horror that awaits them, the Rebirth Colony government is now faced with a dangerous choice of either breaking Federation Law and helping a pre-space flight civilization or allow these sentients to suffer as they suffered.”

-I haven’t played Stellaris in a long time and only recently got back into it. In this crossover story, the Federation of this universe, consisting of various star powers including Earth, has successfully managed to just defeat the Prethoryn Scourge a few years ago and is recovering. One of the newest colonies, consisting of refugees and survivors from that crisis, have started a new colony planet on a world not far from where MLP takes place, and have been observing them for scientific reasons. However, remnants of the Prethoryn Scourge have now landed and are starting to make their moves on Equus and the world is unprepared for them with many dying each day. The government of this system decides to break Federal law and come to the aid of the Equus nations, revealing the existence of a bigger universe out there, while helping them escape due to the scourge being too fast to stop and they don’t have enough firepower to destroy it until the Federation Fleet comes.

-From there, the remaining population is moved to a new home while adjusting to new technologies, wonders, and such. What happens next is up to the reader.

3. Title: Gallus The Gamer (Crossover with The Gamer) (Adopted by Yoshikage Kira

Genre: “Crossover, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Romance, Comedy, Action, Dark”

Summary: “Ten-Year-Old Gallus has lived on his own with no parents or family in a city where most people are jerks to each other. Seeing a shooting star, Gallus wishes for a change to his life and it comes to a shooting star that lands in his home with a strange watch that makes his life suddenly turn into a video game. Now with new tools and abilities, Gallus slowly makes his mark in the world growing stronger, smarter, and earning more while changing the lives of those around him. But he’s mostly curious about a single quest that has been counting down since he got The Gamer ability: “Go To Friendship Academy”. And when he gets an invite to said academy, Gallus finds his life changing once again.”

-For those of you who do not know “Gamer Fics” are based on a Korean Manhwa called “The Gamer” in which a average person is gifted with an ability that allows him to live his life like an RPG and gain stats, spells, special attacks, quests, exp, levels, skills, etc that you would see in such a game. This is a popular fic genre in the past few years crossing over with other media such as Game of Thrones, Naruto, Harry Potter, Pokemon, and a few others. There are a few of these I think have come into being, but this idea takes place with Gallus as the main character, and it starts a few years before he goes to Friendship Academy.

-Full freedom to do whatever you want with this.

4. Title: The TARDIS Legacy (Crossover with Doctor Who/Doctor Whooves) (Adopted By Unity Bringer)

Genre: “Crossover, Adventure, Sci-Fi”

Summary: “When her friends were at her house, Izzy was asked why a blue police box was in her home, but she said it was not important. With magic now returned two years ago, Izzy decides to reveal a secret to her friends as it allows her to activate an important part of her family’s legacy: The TARDIS. Shocked by the advance technology, Izzy reveals she is a descendant of a Time Pony named The Doctor who traveled through time and space with various companions until he married a normal Pegasus named Derpy Hooves and later disappeared mysterious until the TARDIS came years later, but no Doctor. Since then, Izzy’s family has kept it all these years with her studying and learning what she could from her ancestors notes and wants to recreate his travels while finding out what happened to him. With time and space at their disposal the five friends agree and begin a new series of adventures.”

-I think I’m the first person to come up with an idea for how you can put Doctor Whooves stuff in G5 (Still haven’t seen the movie but I know what happens). A lot of people say that Izzy reminds them of a bit of Pinkie and Derpy with her scatterbrain and childish personality, combined with her invention abilities, the whole glasses scene, and her ability to “feel” sparkles I kinda thought (What if she a descendant of Doctor and Derpy and was part Time Lord in her genes? This idea came to me and so Izzy, Sunny, Hitch, Pipp, and Zipp all travel through time and space going to the past, present, and future on their world and many others. Along the way they meet new friends, fight old foes, fight new foes, and discover more about themselves in their journeys.


That's all I got, let me know what you think and if you want one.

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So, are these one shots or series?

Colour me interested. If I hadn't had my hands full with the other stories I'm working on (as well as having the dilemma on picking either of the first and second considering how big a fan I am of both franchises) I would have loved to jump in in a heartbeat.

Edit: Speaking of Pokemon, I think it would be prudent to have either Team Galactic or Team Plasma be the instigator for the situation instead of Rocket. Mostly due to affiliation and/or familiarity with the heroes and villains.

It can be a different team or a made up one. Honestly, it can follow anime canon, manga canon, game canon or something combining all three

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