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    Cancelling Some Stories!

    Edit: Just to clarify, Enchanted Carousel is NOT cancelled. I'm cancelling other stories specifically so I can focus on TEC!

    Hi everyone!

    Bit of bad news so I'll try to be quick about it.

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Cancelling Some Stories! · 11:01pm Oct 12th, 2021

Edit: Just to clarify, Enchanted Carousel is NOT cancelled. I'm cancelling other stories specifically so I can focus on TEC!

Hi everyone!

Bit of bad news so I'll try to be quick about it.

Work has become incredibly consuming of my life and mental health, to the point I was nearly driven to quit last week. Unfortunately, I do need to pay bills, so I spoke with my bosses and things will be better in some ways, I hope! However, it will probably still be super all consuming and the reality of the situation is that finding time to write and be in the headspace for it has been really hard. On top of that, I have my original project going on which I need to focus on.

All of this is why I'm pulling the plug on some of my still unfinished multichapters. If I tried to keep them all active, none of them will be finished, so I'm putting on my big girl pants and doing what I have to do.

Essentially, effective today, any unfinished multichapter EXCEPT for Sapphire Eyes and The Enchanted Carousel is going to be marked cancelled. I hate disappointing people, more than I may already have, so I'd rather just rip off the band-aid. Right now, I only have bandwith for those two stories so those will continue as scheduled.

If anyone is interested in knowing how cancelled stories were going to go, feel free to DM me and I'll give you a summary as best as I can.

I'm real sorry for everyone who's been waiting on these stories. As a reader myself, I know how much it suck for something you're excited for to be cancelled, and I hope you know I'm really not doing this because I want to, but more because I just don't have the bandwith. It is the kindest thing I can do for all involved.

(Though, admittedly, Travelers of Caelum will probably be finished at some point. I just don't want the pressure on me to finish it soon, and I don't want to keep people waiting. I want to work on it on my own time, when I feel inclined to do so).

Another note is that I'm personally tired of publishing multichapters and not finishing them, so I'm no longer posting multichapters or probably even writing them beyond the above mentioned. Below is a screenshot of my Patreon Discord server to show evidence of my commitment:

Thanks again for your understanding and support, and to anyone upset by this news, I genuinely am sorry. My intent was always to bring joy and share, and I feel personally remiss that I've gone back on that.


- Mono

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I put an exclamation mark in the title to try and make the news be less bad but honestly idk if that helps LOL

I'm sure it does. Exclamation points are always good and helpful

Sad, but I understand. You've got to take care of you, and if that means canceling some stuff, then that's what's got to happen. Please take care of yourself Mono.

Thank you, Voice! I appreciate your understanding and well wishes <3 I hope things will look up soon...

I do hope life gets a bit easier for you, in the meantime, please just take care of yourself. I look forward to reading Sapphire Eyes and Carousel when you can update them, but until then I’ll keep myself happy with the signed copies of Enchanted Library <3

Considering I've waited 2 years for more Travelers of Caelum its totally fair to cancel it
but I do hope you actually do finish it one day (even if its years from now)

And its totally justifiable to cancel stories. Dont feel bad. Sometimes things need to just be dropped to save the whole. So if cutting of some things to save your epic of the ENCHANTED series might be for the best.

Also hope your work situation works out better now and all the luck in the future with it.


Honestly, I'm chipping away at it little by little, so it'll be finished at some point. The Bodyguard series means a lot to me, and I wouldn't feel right leaving it unfinished!

Thanks for your support and well wishes too <3

aaaa thank you,,, i'm hoping to update soon,,,

Don't worry mono, health and job goes first then fanfic. We followers will always be here so there is no rush.

its sad to see real life get in the way like this. i always enjoy your stories. and when i saw the enchanted carousel named my brain immediatly gave me a heart attack before i actually read it properly. still, at least we still have that story. i look forward to it immensly and i hope your situation improves mono x


oh no, don't worry!! ahaha

I could never cancel TEC, and even if I tried, I can promise you my publisher/editor would come after me with pitchforks....

I totally understand the need to do this.

But, I also saw what you posted at the bottom and instantly went "If mono says she's going to pay $100 for a multi-chapter, I will legit just stand up and go 'I vollunteer as tribute!'"

It's like copying multiple files to a USB drive. If you drag them all in one at a time, it'll take forever because there just aren't enough lanes for that traffic. Get the ducks in a row, let it knock things out one at a time, and it's a much smoother experience.

I'm tired, sorry. Point is, you do you, and stay healthy. <3

Personal health should always come first when it comes to this stuff. Do whats best for you Mono. You have all our love and support.

Health is more important than fan fiction.

Feel ya there on the job part. Had that problem last week.
You do you and with all the glitter you can find.

Take care of yourself! Health and life are more important than fanfic.

Seconding the views of many, I almost had a panic attack when I read "The Enchanted Carousel" but thank Celestia that's not happening. Rest easy, and do whatever you need to do!

It's okay. Your life comes first.

you're in my neck of the woods, right? Quit your job and do night time delivery driving that pays $30 an hour and background acting that's super fucking easy like I do! I can give you a referral to apply to Thistle if you want a dope ass night time job. If you use voice to text you can even write fanfiction while you drive!

I mostly joking but not completely if you do want some career changes

Health before all else! Not disappointed, just glad you're doing what you gotta.

Ever since I made my own FImfiction account, I would never considered to stumbled upon your work as my all time favourite. I was hesitant at first when reading TEL back in mid 2020, but ever since I gave it a try, I started to get hooked by the world; the portrayal of these well- beloved characters that I have known; and surprisingly helped to improve my mental health as well, I finished TEL in January 2021 and was excited to delve onto TEK, although reading some of the comments that mainly said that TEK wasn't as "good" as TEL and I got a bit worried even before I started to read it, but as I managed to put those asides and started to read. To me TEK is my ABSOLUTE FAV out of the 3, because it has many memorable moments and tearful chapters. I managed to finished TEK yesterday, and I immediantely jumped into TEC and seeing this announcement kind of breaks my heart. But I understand, maintaining your mental health and well-being is TREMENDOUSLY more important than forcing yourself to continue a story . Please take your time, Mono and thank you for everything :heart: (besides I could re-read TEL and TEK again eek)

Take care, mono! Just knowing Travelers will get finished someday is good enough news :twilightsmile:

I do have to ask though, would it be possible for you to post how the truly cancelled ones end, if you have the plans? Just so that they don't die without we ever knowing how they should go :fluttershyouch:

Hi CVB! I'm a little tired now, so I can't properly reply to your message right now, but thank you so much for your kind words and just wanted to reassert that TEC isn't cancelled! That story will continue to be updated as regularly as I'm able to c: If anything, I'm cancelling my other stories for now so I can focus on that one and Sapphire, which are the stories I currently care about ahaha

Unfortunate, but your mental health always takes priority. Take care of yourself or you'll find a lot of people ready to throw pool noodles at you. And maybe regular noodles, I don't know.

Sad to hear, but understandable. And it's better than letting the possibility linger in your audience long after you know you won't be finishing them. (Heh. Who would do that? :twilightsheepish:) Here's hoping things get more manageable IRL soon.

Mono your health is more important and I will just patiently wait for your fine works.

Such are the harrowings of a market economy running roughshod on the life of creators, I guess. At least we'll be blessed with Raritwi regardless.

It's mostly that I have a hard time seeing what more The Enchanted Carousel has to add that the other two hadn't said, or left them incomplete without (aside from plot, which is something people care about a lot apparently). And given that the series has seemed to be such a source of extreme stress and exhaustion for you in the past, I'm surprised any of TEC got published at all.

Disregard this complaining.

Good, It's important not to spread yourself out thin with too many projects.

Be opened minded to let others finish some of your stories if they’re big enough fans if you give them a summary of where said story was going to go?

Aww it's sad that "Someone To Hold On To" got cancelled but do what you have to to take care of yourself! Hope things will get better for you soon! <3

I doodled this on my phone cuz this is how I imagine you when you end your blogposts

Well, you could set them on Hold.
Maybe you find Time in the Future to continue them.

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