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Where would be the safest place in Equestria be? · 11:58am October 12th

I'm thinking some random town in the middle of nowhere. Just stay away from Canterlot and Ponyville, get a simple job and marry some redneck pony, and you'll be fine. You will be able to avoid most of the crazy shenanigans that happen in the show. If you see the Mane Six, just run out of town for a while, then come back.

But what say you? Would you move to live in the middle of nowhere? Or would you take your chances in Ponyville or Canterlot?

Report Bendy · 125 views · #safest #safe
Comments ( 13 )

let me live in the desert like a madman, don't have to worry about which town you live in when you remove the town part :ajsmug:

but yeah probably some small village with 50 others at the edge of the border between the crystal empire and the rest of equestria would probably be the safest, let the crystal ponies absorb the pandemonium and get overlooked by the mane 6 lookin to go see shiny glass ponies and twilights brother

Somewhere near the Peaks of Peril. I hear the Kirin are quite neighbors.

They don't talk much. So, you should be pretty safe from others hearing about you.

Down south be nice. It is a bit warmer. Won't have to deal with cold weather.

I would travel do some jobs and head to places that i read they just were because they rarely go right back to areas

Might be a good idea. Not staying in one place for too long. Be somewhat Trixie with her cart.

Vanhoover might be your safest bet given how ponies from there tend to be Canadian levels of friendly and it even has some nearby woods to escape into when major disasters or villains happen. :rainbowlaugh:

Ponies in general tend to be Canadian levels of everything, because that's what you get when you skim most of the stupid off the US. (Citation: the various non-idiot American tourists who mostly succeed at passing themselves off as Canadian in order to avoid their country's stereotypes)

Err, not a fan of a city. But might live near the city in a town or something.

Come on now, give murica some love.

Come on now, give murica some love.

Our countries are like those two "best friends" who bicker constantly. You're just mad that I'm the one who gets the harisen.

I live in Ireland. So, I don't know the full deal.

Plus Autumn Blaze is totally a cutie.

Thtas hard yo.
Course some town out the back end of Equestria is going to be safe.
Traveling would be good too. Have a mare or two in every town.
I think I would hazard ponyville if I could get with a couple of the main six and background ponies otherwise nope.

Just make sure your house is a bunker and you should be fine.

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