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"Fluff" in the same way what collects under the sofa is fluff.

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    Oh yes, this - I hadn't been aware of this but this happened, too:

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    For the longest time I was racked with curiosity as to where the TVTropes redirects for And When the Darkness Comes Around were coming from and I had almost given up hope on finding out the source, only to finally discover what it is.

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    I will never stop being amused at the consternation and confusion of some when confronted by my mastery of the tagging system.

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    How has Bun Things Leads to Another ended up on '6op rated of all time'? Surely it's not even close! Or is it not in order? Even then!

    How confusing...

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    On reflection, the idea of the princesses getting in a tizzy over whose bottom is best* seems like a great link to try and work Eris in somewhere, as 'To the best bottom' could probably fit on an apple of discord, right?

    *Though I don't know why we're even discussing this we know who the winner is.

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#114 · 7:31am Oct 12th, 2021

Also, unrelated to anything, really, but I do like how one of the most common elements in any of these fresh new pictures of Izzy is the tennis ball - 'shield', sorry - on her horn. It just tickles me.

Mean, it's sensible. She opened a tin of beans with that thing! She'll have your eye out!

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The Hornball protects. The Hornball hungers.

When the stars are right, the Hornball will lead it's Bearer to glory. Their union will be terrifying and magnificent.

I recall when The Gneech and White Pony came up with the UPD (unicorn protection device) which resulted in this

So what would you get for Chrysalis? I understand her horn is not only rather pointy but shreds the pillow every night... (or at least it does in a few "human OC soul becomes Chrysalis crackfics")

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