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This · 10:31pm October 10th

No essay this time. All you need is this.


PS. Those are muffins.

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It’s a scientific fact that sharing muffins enhances the friendship experience. Cupcakes work, too!

Who are you who is so wise in the ways of science?

I like the one little cheeks included for each of them.

Yep, that. :)

As I recall, I guessed that that was probably what brought Izzy to Maretime Bay quite some time before the reveal -- but still, surprising myself, got somewhat emotional at the reveal. Tugging on my heart a bit now, even, seeing it here.

I should have guessed it, but I was so emotional from the opening, my analytical brain shut off for a while.

Ah, that opening... :)
Anyway, though, I don't actually remember exactly when I guessed it, now that you mention it, just that it was a good bit before the reveal. It might have also been some time after the opening.

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