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  • Today
    Short Hand: Perilous

    Starlight: "Listen, Shepherd... I know we've had a lot of animosity between us, and I understand why. So... I've been working with Twilight and Cadence on a solution."

    Shepherd: "And that is?"

    Starlight: "Well... Cathartic punishment to help reinforce proper perspectives on good and evil."

    Shepherd: "Which consists of...?"

    Starlight: "... Spanking me."

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  • Today
    I'm Not a Goddamned High School Harem Protagonist! 2

    Luna gets a T-shirt with OPPAI on it, and tight shorts-Which do nothing for teenaged Shepherd's hormones. Celestia remains in naked apron mode, though she put on some racy panties. Clearly, both princesses-er, principals-are still massive trolls no matter what universe.

    Celestia: "How is your omelet, Shepherd?"

    Shepherd: "It's fine..."

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  • Thursday
    Short Hand: The Pound

    Shepherd is taking in the sights of Manehattan, looking around the park. He buys a hotdogs, tries it... And then begins choking as his face turns red..

    Shepherd: "HRUKK! HACK! HARGLE!"

    He bursts out of the bushes in front of some well to do mares, trying to ask for help.

    Shepherd: "HRRRAAAGGHKKK!!!"

    Mares: "EEEEEK!"

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  • Wednesday
    Short Hand: Metal Elephants

    Twilight and Shepherd descended into a little explored part of the archives, below the main vaults.

    Twilight: "This is essentially a large warehouse where the Princess and other mages cast stasis spells on whatever we found. Honestly, there's so much junk from your world here!"

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  • Tuesday
    Doohickey and Music Box

    Shepherd helps Doohickey out with an upgrade for Music Box.

    Shepherd: "And I do it like this?"

    Doohickey: "Carefully! Just tuck it in... You all right, sweetie?"

    Music Box: "I'm okay Grandpa!"

    Shepherd: "Annnd... How is that?"

    Doohickey: "Hm... Not bad."

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Short Hand: Aftermath of Science · 8:57pm October 10th

Shepherd: "Twiliiiiight! What the hell-Where did all these bits come from?!"

He gestures to the pile of gold bits on the kitchen table.

Twilight: "Ummmm..." taps her hooves together "I asked for donations from all the research participants... I set fifty bits as the minimum donation and well..."

Shepherd: "... If I didn't know any better, I would swear you were pimping me out."

Twilight: "No! Nononono! It totally isn't that! And it totally isn't because the Mayor sent me a bill for all the damages our adventures have caused to the town!"

Shepherd: Deadpan expression

Twilight: "... Okay, you're right! I just needed to pay my debts somehow! Without asking the princesses or my parents for more funds!" sobs

Shepherd: sigh, pats her on the head "Okay, okay... I get it. But you gotta start telling me this stuff, damnit!"

Twilight: "All right! Ummm... Also... Can you do me a huuuuge favor?"

Shepherd: "Uh huh?"

Twilight: "Can you go give the Mayor a massage and then convince her to cut my debt in half?"

Shepherd: "SERIOUSLY?!"

Twilight: "Okay okay, too far... I know!" She holds out a golden ring

Shepherd: "... What?"

Twilight: "Well if we were married, we'd get a thirty percent tax benefit which would, factoring into the debt, let me pay it off without having to pimp you out-"

Shepherd: "TWILIGHT!"

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DAMN TWILIGHT!!!!! Your Plot is definitely in the doghouse now! Shepherd needs to spend some time with Luna for a bit to get away from the crazy that happens with the girls. :trollestia:

PRICELESS ♡ Pretty sure the ring would pay for the Debt...
Clever mare...
But seriously she is a national hero. Celestia should be like taking her tabs like on the house for life...

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