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Typing this from my new $70 Wish.com Tablet · 8:29pm October 10th

So I currently have an Obama phone that is free but unsurprisingly sucks ass, to the point that I can't livestream with it or anything. So I bought an allegedly pretty fantastic Android tablet on wish.com, the famed 4chan of internet commerce sites that I've bought a ton of sex and bondage toys from. I figured even if it sucks I could still at least use it for displaying lyrics while playing piano.

Well guess what I picked it up yesterday and it actually slaps! Haven't really explored too much of the functionality yet, but at the very least it has 40 times the storage of my phone and a massively better screen for looking at porn and camera that doesn't suck massive ass. So I look forward to watching Netflix on it, using Facebook on it, making music On it, and hopefully getting back to drawing poorly drawn encouragement ponies on it. So here's to cheap ass electronics made in questionable working conditions in China!

Also my girlfriend is visiting from Colorado this week and I love her very much.

Anyway I love you all keep calm and pony on and have a blessed day!

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this is good and should havea like button for me to like.

Nice that you lucked out on the tablet!

You can like this status instead.

Thanks; I hope that things go for you in a way that is good, too.

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