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Lunch time · 4:54am Oct 10th, 2021

ok Twilight that’s the last book!

*spike hopped off the ladder that was against a large bookshelf and looked at Twilight who was going over one of her infamous checklists and let’s out a sigh*

Twilight hello!

*spike looks at Twilight with irritation for a moment before smiling and quickly comes up with an idea*

Twilight! I just heard that Fallout got hurt again he’s in the hospital!

*Twilights dropped her list and quickly lifted her head up after hearing that giving spike a worried expression*

what?! Oh no what was it this time!! Is he missing any limbs we neee to-

*Twilight stops as she sees spike beginning to laugh and frowned*

spike that wasn’t funny!

sorry but you weren’t listening to me twilight I had to do something to get your attention

scaring me like That wasn’t the right thing to do

no but it sure was funny

*grumbles and rolls her eyes* your spending to much time with fallout and his friends

what?! No I’m not fallout and his friends are cool yeah they can be Annoying sometimes but there cool

i don’t agree but…

*Twilight trails off as she looks at the time and begins to panic*

oh Celestia I’m late!

*spike raises an eyebrow in as he looks at the clock while Twilight jumps outta her chair and runs to the nearby balcony*

Twilight it’s only 3:02 what are you late for

fallout is going to be flying by here on his way to sugercube corner to eat at wanna catch him as he comes by and invite him in so we can have a meal together instead

oh is that it?

*Twilight nodded to him*

i took some time this morning to look up something to make for him for his lunch!

I hope I haven’t missed him!

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Hmm… now where is Fallout?

*Twilight looks around for Fallout using her telescope. She finds him on the ground with a Mare she doesn’t recognize.*

Who is that? And why is she talking to Fallout?!

*Her jealousy gets the better of her and she flies down to meet them. As she gets closer she notices They both have worrisome looks.*

Fallout, what’s wrong?

“Hey, sweetie. Honeydew here was telling me about a job she wants to hire me for.”

Yes, please you have to help me! My Husband went missing last year, and nopony will help me!

Last year?! Why did you wait so long to look for him?

I’ve been looking for him! It was only recently I found out he came here to Ponyville. He was very secretive about his reasons…

“What reason could he have to visit?”

That’s what I can’t figure out! I’ve come so far only to run into a dead end! Please you have to help me!

“Well, I’m not exactly trained to find ponies, but I’ll do what I can!”

Thank you so much! His name is Pepper Nickel, and here is a photo of him!

*Fallout and Twilight look at the picture*

… huh, I feel like I have seen him before.

“Yeah, I know what you mean. I just can’t place it…”

Hi Hubby Bunny! Hi Twilight! Hi mare I never met before! Hey, is it okay if we use the statue of that one pony who insulted you saying you were “stealing his waifus” and said Twilight was the worst so she turned him to stone? He’d really make a great Nightmare Night decoration!

*It was then that Fallout realized that Pepper Nickel and the Stallion who got turned to stone last year were one and the same.*

“Oh, Buck!”

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