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So I played (and beat) Metroid Dread + Effect on Ghosts of Harmony · 1:55am Oct 10th, 2021

It was just... magnificent.

The gameplay is lovely. The story is unfathomably based... and leaves a lot of room for some interpretation and theories on the truth of some matters.

Now for the interesting part. I was dreading that something would come out and totally wipe out like, early-life canon for Samus which would obliterate some of the story's baseline. Thankfully this is NOT the case, but in fact, it certainly ADDS quite a few interesting aspects to her! I'm happy to report that NOTHING has to be completely rewritten or scrapped.

HOWEVER... knowing what I do now, there are some things that make Samus a much more interesting character in her future. And knowing what I do now about the Chozo, this allows me to expand A LOT more on some things to both keep in line with canon, and make things a little less vague. All that to say, I get to add a few cool goodies in the framework I already have. Including next chapter!

I have no intention of spoiling anything for Dread in Ghosts of Harmony, of course. But the astute among you who will play it may read some things and understand how I'm trying to tie certain things together.

All in all, game is a solid 9.5/10. And the game itself is a net positive for the story, too! The only thing I'm actually jokingly miffed about is that, there doesn't seem to be any ending (Hard mode, speedrun, 100% completion, <15% completion, etc.) where Samus takes her Suit off in any capacity like she has in every game up to this point. LAAAAAAAME. I wanted to see how they changed up her model a bit since it varies in every game...

...or maybe I just wanted to see Samus in her skin-tight Zero Suit. Sue me


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Comments ( 24 )

but is it as good as other m?

Glad to hear it's such a great game, I've only just started it today.

Playing it right now and I am loving it.

I plan to play it soon, it will be my first metroid game. I am excited.

About halfway through the game myself, and the thing that struck me the most is hot DAMN do I love the mobility in this game. The slide and the dash add so much to how good it feels to move around.

Also, I was surprisingly fine with when Samus actually speaks during the cutscene with Quiet Robe. It helps a lot that she's speaking in Chozo, to an actual Chozo to boot.

I fuckin' came during that scene, ngl. I'm okay with Samus talking, but done in a manner appropriate for her, and in this case that was MORE than awesome. And now we have an actual proper sounding language to point to, which is awesome. So if you're reading GoH you can pretty much just imagine that now. Lord knows I'll be doing that lol. The extra expansion on the Chozo themselves lore-wise in that scene was also sort of what I was referring to up top. Great things all around, I agree.

And I agree, it plays flawlessly. You've got some great twists coming.

How long is the game? And if it’s on the shorter side is there any else to the game?

I’ve seen some chopped up game play up to the I’m assuming was the second boss. What I see looks enjoyable but I’m still on the fence on wether I should get the game or not.

I guess it depends how much you like replayability too. I had no idea what I was doing since it was the first time I played the game, and it took me 8 straight hours to clear it, on top of dying to bosses numerous times lol. But that was me actively trying to get to the end while exploring a bit. I’m gonna take a break and then try to get higher item pickup clearance levels and shorter game times. So theoretically if you enjoy this, you have TONS of play time.


*Loads Hyper Beam with malicious intent.*


My copy got delayed in the mail and is supposed to arrive on the 11th or 12th, assuming there are no more delays. I already had one package delayed then cancelled by Amazon. :raritydespair:

PLEASE tell me there’s another chapter on the way!


And Chapter 7 is WELL into production! Ya didn't even tell me your thoughts on the boss fight OR the last chapter tho! :raritydespair:

Ah shit, my bad. Things have been hectic around here lately so I’ve been reading fics piecemeal on my phone and haven’t been consistent about commenting on them. I fucking loved it though, and I’m super excited to see where the next chapter goes!

The dying scream got me though. Goddamn. No thank you. I like my monsters without any vestiges of humanity, thankyouverymuch.

LOL you're good, I was only joking really, but I'm glad you enjoyed it! Aye, thought that was a 'nice' touch. Will really be looking forward to everyone's thoughts once Part 7 drops~

Been playing it since Friday evening and I'm just up to the supposed final boss as of Saturday evening. Might turn around and try for 100% first before completing it tho.
I was right with the premise of the story for the game somewhat with the X being a red herring as well as a rouge Chozo element at play. Still the context of this story as well as the gameplay had me glued to the controller. Definitely worth playing!


Oh there's a pretty easy way to see her Zero Suit. Just get to Zero HP :P

But yeah I'm having a blast. Game's bosses sure do love taking multiple E-tanks off at a time with a single attack, though....good thing Samus is so mobile. And holy fuck that cutscene in the first visit to Ferenia was awesome. I'm decently far into the game. Just got the Gravity Suit and am fighting another boss. Honestly getting Gravity Suit never felt so good before.

That final boss fight though

The game in general is just;

I refuse to touch dread until I have Metroid prime 4

There is no secret ending, but if you know how you can get certain pieces of artwork if you beat the game in a certain timeframe? Well, if you beat the game on Normal Mode and Hard Mode under 4 hours, you get a ninth piece of artwork that’s a variation of the 100% Item Collection “Chozo Memory”, where instead of Samus in her power suit, she’s in her Zero Suit instead. I know it’s not the same, but there’s still something available, kinda, sorta.

I knowwwwwww but it’s not the saaaaaaaaaaaame :raritydespair:

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