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When mom say "Call Daddy" on your sister's phone and yours starts ringing. Oops...

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    Well, back to normal...

    When wrestling with your sister turned awkward...

    Bro: It's my phone, I swear.

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Why would you post that?! · 5:12am October 9th

Obviously, this is meant as a straight couple and none of that alternative lifestyle stuff.
With Sunny as Big Brother and featuring Izzy as Little Sister.
Sunny and Izzy both had some very cute and fitting images, which is why they were used to portray the story.

Little sister when she reads all those post made about her...

Somepony's sleeping on the couch... for the next month or so.

Like she could ever go that long without...

Later that night, while sleeping on the couch.

Sis: Wake up.

Sis: Follow me.
Bro: Ha, called it!

Some time later

Sis: Well, it's back to the couch for you.
Bro: You're kidding?

Sis: Niiiiiight.

Bro: Oh, I'm, so, making a post about this whole situation!

The Next Morning

Sis: Seriously?

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