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The Mordetwi meme reaches apotheosis · 11:55pm October 8th

I don't think I've mentioned it, but Mordetwi -- shipping images featuring Twilight Sparkle and... I think his name is Mordecai? The blue jay guy from Regular Show, and they're singing "Airplanes" by Some Pop Star -- is one of those big memes right now that just drives me up the wall.

And yet, here we are.

I hate how good this is.

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Yeah. Can’t wait for this tired ass 2011 meme to fucking die again.

It's weird to hear the Green Album like this. I randomly got it for Christmas one year from a friend and have never seen anyone else talk about it.

So what you're saying is you would get rid of this meme if you had a wish right now (wish right now, wish right now)?

Oh, you had to go there…

DeadlyComics has fingers of gold and a mind like a supernova.

Author Interviewer

I swear it’s like all the people who shitposted it back then did it again except their creative artistic ability had grown over the past decade.

This is pertinent:

And yeah, that video was really well done and fun... some memes and stopped clocks, right?

The real stopped clock is less the fact the metaphorical clock is stopped and that there are some people out there with incredible amounts of talent who use it purely for the sake of shitposting. They are people to be feared and adored.


You’re right, wrong adjective, artistic ability.

Though still an interesting idea of what artistic is.

"big meme right now" bro MordeTwi has been a dead meme for at least a month. It just takes time to make these animations.

And then you have people like me, for whom incredible lack of talent doesn't stop the shit posting, only encourage it.

Golf clap

Also, having actually watched it this was great. Glad to see deadly comics doing Pony stuff again. Well, sort of.

Someone in a discord I’m in posted a ton of these and I hate that I love them

It's not like she has a canon partner. :ponyshrug:

Clearly, Celestia warned her never to fall in love. Cadance just wouldn't listen.

Author Interviewer

MordeTwi is a masterpiece

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