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My Little Pony: A New Generation (Spoiler) Review 10/08/2021 · 4:56pm Oct 8th, 2021

Because the party's only just begun!

GOOD AFTERNOON, FIMFICTION FANATICS!!! This is the Dramamaster829; Critic, Actor, Writer, Motivational Speaker, and Occasional Singer, keeping you up to date with the latest news for the Generation 5 Movie and beyond! Two weeks ago, I, the Dramamaster829, presented a 'spoiler-free' review concerning my thoughts on the newly released animated feature for the 'MLP' franchise complete with my own little grade on my overall thoughts of the film. Between the time of the film's release and the postage of this film review, 'A New Generation' has since gone on to hit the #1 slot on Netflix worldwide, currently holds $1.267 million dollars in the box office, and so much concept art has been released highlighting the previous designs of the landmarks and casts we've seen (As well as potentially deleted material that didn't make it into the movie). And the movie itself probably would've stayed at that spot had it not been for the release of that 'Squid Game' series...

Finally! It's about time I started getting some respect...

Um... the games don't exactly involve 'you', Squidward.


Anyways, since I've already established my thoughts on the movie as a whole I won't go too much into what's already been discussed and how I've already felt about this movie (Although given additional viewings, I 'probably' could've raised that grade a 'little' higher than initially). But today, we're going to use this time to discuss as much of the plot elements of the feature that I otherwise couldn't touch upon in my previous look at the feature. Of course, the big wigs in the MLP community just couldn't wait more than a week after the movie came out before releasing their initial thoughts (Some of them pleasant reviews, others... 'not' so much). But please note that this is 'not' a bias review of the movie, as I will go over a few of the elements that 'really' could've used some improvement or at least address certain issues that were in the background.

And now with no further delay, released on September 24th, 2021, we once more take a look at the new released edition of the Hasbro franchise simply titled:

My Little Pony: A New Generation

Friendship is Magic!!!

Of course we cannot officially start the review of the movie without first bringing up what I deem to be the biggest surprise from the movie: The reappearance of Twilight Sparkle and her friends, who in this movie are deemed 'The Guardians of Harmony'. Not only do we find this scene a blessing for all the fans who've grown up seeing Generation 4 (Thus adding to the fact the company is well aware of the last generation's success), but the fact that these are the 'only' sequences in which 2D animation is required it's hard to imagine why we couldn't get this type of animation the last time an MLP movie came out. Not to insinuate that the previous movie was 'bad', but...

Well, maybe I would've been better off without FRIENDS LIKE YOU!!!

Yeah... on a more 'positive' note, it was pretty cool of both veteran MLP actors Tara Strong, Ashleigh Ball, Andrea Libman, and even Tabitha St. Germain even agreed to reprise their roles for the film's opening (As brief of a sequence as it may be). Despite the fact that Tara Strong made it perfectly clear she wouldn't reprise her role for the fifth incarnation back in April 2020. Which to this day I still believe she was either given an insane deal that was convincing enough to get her to read a few lines... or she 'always' intended to reprise her role but just went the typical celebrity route of not 'saying' anything so as to make a bigger impact on her fans.

Ya know what they say, puddin'? If ya explain the joke, there is no joke!

But as cool as it is to see these girls back on screen for the fans screaming every time they see this scene, this one moment only confirms this was only just an imaginary sequence.

I'm gonna zap everypony with my horn lasers!!!

Yeah, this scene would've been funnier if Tabitha St. Germain said those lines instead of Ken Jeong.

Guess which one's the bad guy.

The actual story introduces us to these three ponies who play a role in the film's plot: Sunny Starscout, the optimistic believer in a united Equestria; Hitch Trailblazer, Sunny's best friend who still abides by the 'new' Equestria's history; and... *Sighs* Sprout Cloverleaf, the pony who insists Unicorns and Pegasi are evil (And a real momma's boy). Right off the bat, we are given a glimpse into their characters as we quickly learn that all those tales of Twilight Sparkle & her friends are as ancient as the olden days. Now the Earth ponies (Even Sprout) believe them to be fairy tales, and for some reason have grown in fear of the other pony races.

This has always made me beg the question: Why did these ponies split off in the first place? How did all the rumors get started? And why does this whole movie seem like an extended episode of 'Bridle Gossip'? One of the key issues I've had with this movie, as much as I enjoyed it, the pacing of the film is just so quick that we don't get any time for a 'true' explanation onto the divide of Equestria unless some hot shot book writer decides to prep a novelization of the movie itself. But at this point, it's like the movie just wants to dumb it down to the younger audience that 'it just happened'.

The one pony who still encourages Sunny to believe that the three races can be friends again is the one pony who told her all those stories to begin with. That being our 'Tragic Disney' character... Argyle Starshine.

Total adorkable Dad moment right here...

In the brief time we see Argyle play a role in Sunny's development into the activist we know, he comes off as the one Dad who encourages their kid to be true to themselves. Even when all the other ponies criticize that his methods are 'brainwashing' today's youth...

Especially 'Karen' right here...

Even after all that, he never once raises his temper against any pony who questions their stories. And it's probably just me talking, but I swear when Argyle and Phyllis interact they're like that one couple who 'did' used to date for a while but the girl decides he is truly a bad influence (We'll get back on Phyllis later). Heck, he encourages his daughter's dreams of befriending a unicorn and Pegasus so much they spend a whole day prepping a lantern and a note to reach out to any of the other races who happen to find it.

And at last I see the light...

Yet of all the ponies we have in this cast, Argyle is without a doubt the most mysterious in the entire movie. We know it was him who encourages telling the stories of Twilight's time in Equestria, but to what extent faithful viewers? As we have seen, he spent his whole lifetime studying Equestria's history to the point he's been collecting actual relics from the days of old.

How the Buck did he even manage to get Grogar's bell?!

Given the fact that this movie takes place gosh knows how many years following the G4 timeline, he's either been told the same stories from his parents ages ago... OR he started growing an interest in this concept of the other races in harmony during a more recent period in his youth. Either way, he is the one mentor character who sets the stage for what's still to come that the movie still has to offer.

Now pay attention fans, there'll be a quiz on this part.

Sadly, like every other Disney-like parental figure, we pretty know how this goes. They make a promise that they'll find the answer to Equestria's separation together only to have a slap it in the face against those who were growing attached to him. And for those who kept saying, 'Oh, he's not going to die!' or 'He just went away', every line Sunny mentions about her father after this point in the movie seems to suggest that he passed away between this sequence and what immediately follows after.

It has been a privilege performing for you tonight...

Oh, come on kid! I just paid for that hardwood!!! *Clears throat* Moving on...

Good morning sun!

The movie itself shifts to years later, shortly after her father's passing...

Okay, okay, we get it! Sheesh... by this point we see that's Sunny's been continuously trying to change the minds of the other Earth ponies. And when I say 'everything' faithful viewers, I literally mean 'everything'!

Mommy! Sunny made me a unicorn!

Help spread the love, Maretime!

I'll report you for vandalism, Sunny!!!

But all that 'pales' in comparison for the day she's been preparing for every year... the 'Canterlogic Annual'. We see that every year in Maretime Bay, the company Canterlogic hosts a showcase featuring the latest gadgets designed for 'defense' and 'style'. And the big wig behind all these insane gadgets to promote 'fear' and 'hate' against the other races is none other than the aforementioned Karen herself... Phyllis Cloverleaf.

We 'scare' because we 'care'...

Oh, that is bullshit!

And when I say that most of her gadgets are for 'stylish defense', we are literally treated to a fashion show like they are promoting for some Hoity-Toity wannabes...

I'm a model...

You know what I mean, and I...


That pony is 'so' fired...

And despite the fact that Sunny was told earlier that she was 'banned' from every stepping foot inside during the presentation, against even her best friend 'Sheriff Hitch', SOMEHOW Sunny Starscout managed to find a way to sneak into the showcase to disrupt the whole show... and this wouldn't be the first time either.

Well, that's not foreshadowing at all...

And as we can expect, Sunny's endeavors to change the whole town's minds results in such a humiliatingly chaotic mess involving an 'Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong' scenario. And I just want to add that I would 'hate' to be in Sunny's horseshoes right now...

Boo! Get her off the stage!

And as we can expect, Sunny Starscout is pretty much the outcast in a town where they are encouraged to fear the unknown and believe every form of bullshit centered around other ponies hurting them. Even Hitch Trailblazer, who we see as the new sheriff of Maretime Bay, scolds Sunny for breaking every known law in town and how her actions little to no supporting evidence that 'any' of the stories offer a 'smidge' of truth.

If the Unicorns and Pegasi were our friends, prove it!

Do 'you' have proof that they do the things you claim they do?

Once more this only adds to my irk about the Earth ponies' claims that the unicorns and Pegasi are evil. 'When' did this ever happen? Were any of these ponies even actually 'there' when Equestria went to hell? It's just a miracle that the Windegos weren't even involved when things were this bad for Equestria... even when we start to get a revelation as to 'why' we don't see or hear of their involvement in this period (Add to 'all' the other species who don't appear at all). Yet just when Sunny starts to think today's the worst day of her life, we get the sudden arrival of the pony I deem to be the real breakout star of the entire flick:

Hi new friends!!!

And this is the movie where we are introduced to Izzy Moonbow, who by fate wanders into Maretime Bay. Immediately, everything about this mare makes fans' hearts soar: She is energetic, finds wonder in everything, and as we can see is rather creature. How is this pony not in for a 'warm' reception from the towns-ponies...


*Frowns* Oh right... this is G5. *Clears throat* Shenanigans ensue as Earth ponies are on high alert, either to escape the wrath of an innocent unicorn (Yeah right), or doing everything possible to 'trap' this unicorn with their traps.

GUYS! You know how hard it is to 'clean' this junk?

Deploy *Pepe Le Pew* music here...

Eventually one of these traps does eventually capture Izzy (After she goes 'Marcy' on us), but Sunny Starscout will not let these ponies have it. Course, given her last argument with Hitch who can blame her?


You take one more move, missy...

D-Don't you dare!

If you put 'one' hoof on that button...

Are you listening to me? Don't... touch... the bo--


And thanks to Sunny going all rebel with the law, Sunny frees Izzy and escorts her straight to her house leaving all the ponies falling for their own traps (Even Deputy Sprout... but more 'intentional' than 'accidental'). And right off the bat, I can hear all the shippers forming fan-fics based on this one scenario alone:

Can you feel the love tonight?

It is during this brief introduction between these two new friends (And the start of more than a 140 questions) when Sunny soon discovers from Izzy that all the unicorns have since lost their magic during an unknown period in time. So basically, it's like if the unicorns were like 'Amalthea' but with a more limited use in magic...

You do know I 'have' magic, right?

Yeah... but why split hairs?

And thus we get to the meat-and-potatoes of this movie, in which Sunny and Izzy flee Maretime Bay to embark on a quest to Zephyr Heights, home of the Pegasi, where Sunny believes they have the answer of restoring the unicorn's magic and reuniting the pony tribes. You know... if this were the early seasons of 'Friendship is Magic', I wouldn't believe that the Pegasi had magic. I always just assumed only the 'unicorns' had powers while for every pony else, all their actions were more physical than most. Then again, what could possibly go wrong with asking the Pegasi for favors?

Well on a more positive note, we have the birth of the Tennis Ball meme...

In the meantime, with our two heroes dodging town, Hitch declares to lead a pursuit to find Sunny and bring her back to Maretime Bay for the soul purpose of putting her behind bars. Of course, since he can trust Sprout as much as trusting a porcupine to run a balloon factory, he decides to leave him 'temporarily' in charge of the town and 'try' not to start any wars while he's gone...

What kind of pathetic pony do you take me for?

You know I don't go over much about Sprout during this review, but it's mainly because he reminds me of 'LeFou' in some extent. Earlier he deems it a dream to become 'sheriff' of Maretime Bay, even under encouragement from his own mother, yet we clearly see he is lazy, unmotivated, and more of a coward. And he has the right to criticize Hitch just because he's the pony doing his job? Why else do all of Maretime Bay like Hitch? Be it he's voiced by James Marsden or all his credentials, there's just something about... him...

Baby, you light up my world...

*Sighs... slaps himself* GIRLS!!! I LIKE GIRLS!!!

*Clears throat* Anyways, it isn't long before Sprout turns into a power-hungry maniac (And it doesn't help his mother encourages his bad behavior). And we see in the movie how he uses fear to promote a just cause for all of Maretime Bay to form a hostile mob in preparation for when either the unicorns or Pegasi prepare to step foot in Maretime. And Hitch still thinks it was a good idea to leave Sprout in charge because...?


Well at least the song's not terrible...

Anyways... it doesn't take long for Sunny and Izzy to be taken to Zephyr Heights and oh... my... God! Would you just look at this city?

It's like if Canterlot and Manehatten had a baby together.

While Maretime Bay seems to make ends meet with their own modern advancements in their quiet little seashore town, Zephyr Heights takes modernization to a whole new level. Titantrons promoting the news, advertisements in bright lights, skyscrapers abound, and the advertisements... dear god all the pop culture references they throw into this one scene alone!

Even a 'Billy Elliot' reference for all you theater buffs reading this.

Of course our heroes don't get enough time to really breathe in the new landscape as they are quickly introduced to the ruler of this fine city... the Queen!

Okay, very funny... the 'real' Queen please...

I believe I can fly...

So in no particular order: We have the social-media obsessed, beloved pop star of the kingdom, Pipp Petals...

I am so sharing this blog with the world...

Her mother Haven...

That's 'Queen' Haven, young man...

Right... and without further ado, the heir to the throne, Pipp's sister, and the one Pegasus mare our heroes just--

Shut up! Shut up!

*Pause* Just 'never' met before in their lives... Zipp Storm. *Coughs* Rainbow *Coughs* Dash *Coughs* clone...

Sorry about that! Anyways, our heroes don't even get to ask questions about the state of their 'magic', when Queen Haven immediately has our girls thrown into the dungeon out of fear and panic. I mean sheesh, don't ask me to meet the President of the U.S. for merely addressing today's criticism. If we thought the welcome in Maretime Bay was bad, here we see the use of social media as an 'influence' to the public's eye that Sunny and Izzy are public enemies number one.

Good lord! They're hideous!

But onto a more positive note about their imprisonment, at least compared to the prisons we have in the states... these girls are lucky to get a 'suite'.

If this is torture, chain me to the wall!

It's not long before the Pegasus, Zipp Storm (Whom the girls met at the foot of Zephyr Heights), arrives to meet with them. And following a slight bit of tension with her sister Pipp (Who came for the 'content'), we are quickly given the reveal that the Pegasi too lack the ability to fly. With the royal family having been using 'wires' to pretend to fly. So in a way, it's kind of like Peter Pan... but without all the occasional accidents.

Please note we do not endorse violence on young actors... but we do find it 'hilarious'.

At least one thing we can note about Zipp, whereas her sister is all about being a pop star and her self-reliance on her phone, least we can give credit to Zipp for coming up with the formulas to even make their 'efforts' to fly remotely possible. The best way I can describe this character is if she's basically Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash combined... without the twilighting.

But it is during which time while exploring an abandoned port, that ponies of the past 'did' come together at some point. Or at least they seemed to have 'tried' to at some point... again, the movie doesn't really explain how this all went wrong.

Totally not foreshadowing a future episode at all...

Aside from a brief view of the lore of the new Equestria, our heroes also uncover a series of glass windows showcasing Equestria's greatest treasure. No folks, it's NOT the 'Elements of Harmony' nor even the 'Tree of Harmony' (Though blogs suggested this 'one' tree during the movie). Turns out their greatest treasures stem from a set of crystals, one of which Queen Haven keeps as part of her crown.

Pretty strong 'cap' to fit around that crown...

Under the assumption that by fitting the crystals together will bring the magic back, and considering Haven simply won't hand them the crown (Not even if they said 'please'), they concoct a scheme to steal the crown during Pipp's performance at the royal celebration. Of course, like an episode of 'Milo Murphy's Law', anything that 'can' go wrong 'will' go wrong. From Hitch Trailblazer's arrival...

Wow, talk about working on a low budget...

The constant interference from the family's dog...


And as if that wasn't bad enough with these pratfalls, the royal family is unintentionally exposed of their inability to fly right in the midst of Pipp's solo.

If this were 'Equestria Girls', this would be WAY more embarrassing...

Would it kill you to make a joke that 'isn't so perverted?

I'd try... but, no I can't. *Straightens up* Thanks to Sunny's actions, Queen Haven is arrested, Pipp finds herself forced to flee with our heroes, and even Hitch ends up trailing along only after making Sunny promise to return home when this mission is over. Of course, it's no walk in the park (Or in this case Daisy field) with this motley group of adventurers as the tension still rings true with some of our cast.

I wish you'd realize that living a lie is wrong!

And I wish you wouldn't make it all about YOU!

Well I'd say this has been fun... but I'd be lying.

Now if I can take a momentary pause for a moment to review the two sides of their argument, this is a case of two sisters trying to one-up this idea that one or the other is wrong. We know that Zipp truly longs to fly instead of pretending to, but is disheartened by the fact they have to 'lie' not just to the other ponies, but also themselves. Whereas for Pipp, we really don't see if she really 'cared' whether or not they could fly. It's like for her, it's all about 'Me, me, me!' and 'Without my fans I'm nothing!'. Then again, the movie kind of drops Pipp's role drastically so we don't really get to explore whether this journey has changed her or if she's just along for the ride. It's no wonder she's low on the polls whenever we vote for 'Best of the 5'...

I'm going to dislike you 'so' hard, no pony will EVER read your blogs!

But eventually, the group manages to warm up to each other (In which case literally) after they rest for the night at the campfire. And we even get to see a rare instance in which we see Izzy in her not so cheerful self...

Just when I learned how wonderful it is to have friends, I have to leave them.

We truly get to see this vulnerable side when it comes to Izzy, since the majority of the movie she finds a positive in almost everything and we see her pull off more crazy shenanigans than Pinkie Pie from ages ago. So it's rare to see whenever she feels sad knowing that the group are only joining forces to bring back harmony to Equestria, and when they finally do... what if they never see each other again? But it is only after the group discovers that the 'real' reason Izzy visited Sunny is because she's been carrying a special treasure from her past...

It was you?

In the words of my favorite griffin analyst, "CONTINUITY!!!!!" Of course, while I do agree that this scene could've been best reserved for 'later' in the movie (Especially after what's still to come) this is truly the scene that can lead to tears. A pony who for years waited to meet a unicorn and a Pegasus, having forgotten about a letter she sent years ago, and suddenly by fate this unicorn arrives having been carrying her letter since she herself was a filly. In a way it's like these mares were just destined to meet. And seeing how much these ponies feel inspired by 'Playing their Part, Hoof to Heart' (And old saying from Sunny's father) Hitch ultimately relents and decides to do whatever he can to help Sunny's dream...

I mean... it's not like it's downhill from here, right? Right?

Luke... I am your father...

*Frowns* Sprout, what're you doing?

Sorry, just prepping for my 'Star Wars' audition...

*Slaps himself* Ooh good lord...

*Takes a deep breath* Eventually our cast arrives in Bridlewood hoping to find the unicorn crystal and well... let's say this place has seen better days.

Wow... nearly as gloomy as the day they completely revamp 'Splash Mountain' from the 'Magic' Kingdom...

OOH!!! You said a bad word!!!

*Groans* Right, I nearly forgot this one... 'apparently' the unicorns have grown so superstitious with the loss of their magic, thinking their enemies gave them the 'jinxies', they prepared rituals as a means of warding off bad luck and some shit. Definitely not like how the unicorns used to be back in G4. As if that wasn't enough, apparently there are some choice words that no pony is allowed to mention. And for some strange reason, not even the mention of the word 'may'--

Total photobomb moment...

*Pause* A certain 'spread' that we can do without when ordering hamburgers, eh heh... anyways, under disguise due to Izzy's pony-work, they arrive at a tea shop where it's owner, Alphabittle, currently owns the unicorn crystal. Of course, the only way for Sunny Starscout to convince Alphabittle to give him the crystal is to beat him at one of his own games. In which case... a 'dance-off'...

My greatest enemy at EVERY arcade I've ever been to...

To constructively criticize just this one scene, I understand Sunny feels entitled to take part in the challenge because she's the 'mane' protagonist and everything. But you'd think a challenge like this would be best suited for a more experienced performer like, oh I don't know--Pipp? You know? To give her something else to do? Eh, but who am I kidding? They already promoted their dance-off in the trailer... and to give Sunny credit at least she only had to beat the big man 'once' instead of the 2/3 deal.

You're lucky that I'm such a nice pony...

Though a rough start at first, Sunny somehow manages to defeat Alphabittle during the dance contest and successfully win the crystal... only to expose herself as an Earth pony.

Fortunately, our heroes are able to feel with the two crystals when they stumbled upon the Pegasus army... and even Queen Haven herself. Though I can't help but wonder... 'how' the buck did she escape from prison?

I've seen and done things I don't wish to repeat 'ever' again!

But before things can get out of hand, or 'hoof', with every pony threatening to use their 'powers' against one another, Sunny throws in the big wake-up call by pointing out that they have 'no' magic!

*Offscreen* Bing-bong!

Shut up! *Clears throat* Under the notion that by bringing the crystals together their magic will return, surprisingly the two groups are okay with this and even willingly allowing them to have their crystals so they could put that theory to the test.

You may now kiss the--

IT'S NOT A WEDDING CEREMONY!!! *Sighs* Unfortunately, they soon discover that even with the crystals together... nothing happens. And this is where we reach the lowest point for Sunny. We do argue of course how it seems far too simple that by bringing the crystals together, everyone 'magically' becomes friends again. Even Hitch shared similar arguments with all of Sunny's plans. But it is hard having to see Sunny so dejected, how everything she tries truly made things worse and that this whole venture was for naught. It's no wonder she's even so 'resentful' of her own father at one point for not teaching her the 'reality' of the situation but instead playing with her ideas of the Equestria that used to be.

You know it's serious when she doesn't readjust the frame.

So distraught that shortly after returning the crystals to the two tribes, we see Sunny so done with her mission that she literally throws away everything that represents all her naive childhood innocence...

Even the made-from-scratch action figures!

But it's only during her clean-up when she soon discovers a third crystal hidden in the very lamp Argyle made for her, which happens to fit in the very spot in the lighthouse where all the crystals are meant to fit together.

Everything's just happening so quickly in the span of a few minutes!

It was a predictable way of knowing how this would all turn out, this I know for absolute certain. Then again, it was something we should've initially picked up much earlier during the movie. How it just so happened that there was a 'third' crystal which represented the Earth pony side? You wonder if Argyle 'knew' about this the entire time, and meant to tell her when she was ready? That we are initially just 'so' not taking in the fact that even Earth ponies have magic? Well, to be fair... I wouldn't have thought so about Earth ponies way back when I was starting FIM.

But now with her spirits renewed, she's ready to reveal her finding, except she and her friends discover that not only has Sprout turned the entire town on his side... but now he's piloting his own war machine.

TRANSFORMERS! More than meets the eye...

This really isn't the first time we had an MLP-Transformers crossover, but that depends on whomever's actually read the comics.

Now we come to the climatic fight sequence in which our heroes try to put a stop to Sprout's mayhem while Sunny works to put 'all' three crystals together. A battle in which we see every pony coming together trying to save each other from a deranged deputy-turned-Emperor...

I'm not 'deranged', I'm just exceedingly crazy!

Though even when it seems Sunny's managed to fit all the crystals together, 'again' nothing seems to happen. And by the time every pony tries to get Sprout to stop, he inadvertently destroys the lighthouse and the crystals are presumably lost amidst all the rubble.

Luckily, no pony was hurt!

Oh, shut up! *Breathes in* But seeing all the ponies still together, even after all the chaos that happened, Sunny eventually realize that it was never about 'bringing' the crystals together, but rather the 'ponies' coming together. To put aside their differences and come together as one nation.

*Pause* Well, 'obviously'!

Still... in this brief moment of silence between the three leaders of their own groups, this proves more than enough to make it clear about the dangers of 'leaning too far into fear' and thus standing together to comfort Sunny after losing her home.

Maybe you're not the worse thing ever...

And of course by now, we pretty much know how the rest goes:

The three crystals finally start to glow, all the magic across the land is restored, and soon the whole group is together to help clean up Sprout's mess. A bit of quick pacing at this point, but hey! The movie suffered heavily on the pacing, trying to cram so much in 90 minutes. And yet amongst all the debacle about this whole ordeal there is that 'one' key element that's started some constant debates among the fans since the film's release: Sunny Starscout as an alicorn.

I'm assuming we're going to start calling her 'Princess' from now on.

I'm not one to really pick sides over whether or not this means Sunny is 'officially' an alicorn or if this form is temporary. Based on the brief instance this takes place, we notice that the 'wings' and the 'horn' are not exactly a physical attribute to attaining an alicorn status. Yet some fans jump the gun thinking it's taken Sunny a whole movie to become an alicorn while it took literally 'three' seasons for Twilight to assume that title. Does this mean Sunny's going to become the future ruler of Equestria in this new era? Is she going to be able to summon this form as willingly during dire situations? For the time being, what matters to Sunny is she has what she wants: Not only an expanded friendship beyond her kind, but Equestria itself ushering a newfound era of harmony.

At this point, I'm just surprised that Sprout really hasn't faced some measure of consequence for nearly endangering the lives of several ponies.

You're never going to let this down are you?

No... not ever...

And that was 'A New Generation' and do I still enjoy this movie for what it is? Well, let's get one thing utterly straight: This movie was 'far' from perfect. The movie's pacing was ultimately a major hiccup for the movie, leading from one scene to the next with barely a chance for the cast to evolve. Not to mention the feature's been so vague over certain details like a proper backstory as to 'why' Equestria promoted fear and paranoia in the first place (Amongst a million other questions in the film's run). While a special and a follow-up series is slated to air either later this year or the next, the movie had so much room for improvement yet ultimately it seemed the studio didn't have all the time to properly put this together.

Now that being said, I still enjoy this movie for what it was able to provide. A memorable cast, beautiful animation, and even the film's songs are material I can listen to over and over. It's a movie that tells a story we're all too familiar with, but the charm in itself is how it has a team of colorful ponies able to carry whatever tale they can provide. While I wouldn't rate this movie lower than previously, nor do I think it should've gotten a higher grade after multiple viewings, I still think this movie is still watchable. Not just for MLP fans around the world, but for anyone whose experienced similar scenarios (Especially with the recent pandemic and the dangers of leaning on 'fear'). It's a sweet and harmless feature that families can enjoy together, with enough Easter eggs for all the fans who grew up loving the Gen 4 materials. And I would recommend another watch in order to truly appreciate what the movie attempted to offer, warts and all.

But the bigger question remains: What do 'you' think? Be sure to leave a comment below at your earliest convenience.

Until then faithful viewers, this is the Dramamaster829...

And now I've got a 'new' mystery to dive into...

P.S. A short edit of what I forgot to mention: Progress on my upcoming project is still in the planning phase, but I have something special in mind for when it comes to releasing my own interpretation. It'll be worth the wait.

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I thought it was a good watch. I kept an eye out for all easter eggs from Friendship is Magic. And while I agree there is still so much to explain. What happened to divide the pony tribes, where are the other creatures in Equestria, will Sunny and her friends learn more about Twilight and the girls, and if anyone like Twilight, Celestia, Luna, Cadence, or Flurry Heart still alive? Even though it takes place so long afterward Alicorns do have long lifespans, unless their longevity didn't last that long. And if Spike could be alive, because even dragons have long lifespans.


PippisadorableandIreallyhopeshegetsmorecharacterization, SproutisatotalDiamondTiararebootandI'mnotgonnacomplainaboutthat, Sunnyisdefinitelyjusttemporarilyaalicornsincethosewingsandhornneveractuallyconformedwithherbodyandwerejustmadeoflight, andthehorseshoeiseitheranotherversionoftheFluttershybatfangoritleadstoaoverarchingmysteryofwhathappenedtotheoriginalElements

A good watch indeed I will admit (And I've seen the movie three times to prove it... not just for the Easter Eggs).

Hopefully when the series does eventually come out, certain questions will be explained:

The division amongst the pony tribes...

The fate of the other creatures in Equestria...

What secrets to uncover about Twilight and the girls...

The fate of the Alicorns...

Who knows how long it's been between the two generations? Thousands of years could've passed since the era of Twilight Sparkle, if only to rationally explain how she became a legend now. Still, we've always debated the overall lifespan of an alicorn despite the argument that Twilight Sparkle 'won't' outlive her friends. But we know that Celestia & Luna have been around for thousands of years so even if Twilight was not going to outlive her friends, that statement could mean anything. Who knows? Maybe her friends 'did' become alicorns despite what that future scene implied.

The closest we got to a Spike in this movie is a brief image of him in plush form in Sunny's room, though it's one of those 'blink and you'll miss it' moments.

Glad you still enjoy it

I still give the film just about the same score as you do

you’ll see why once I do my own review

Hopefully we'll get just that with Pipp. We get a brief idea of her character during their time in Zephyr Heights and she does get a good song. But after that, I don't think we truly got to know her as a character. But who knows? Maybe there will be plenty of episodic opportunities for Pipp, hopefully not just limited to her love for social media.

I can understand the comparisons between Sprout and Diamond Tiara to some degree. The boy is as spoiled as her, but most of us can see she's slightly 'smarter' than Sprout for a pony her age at the time. And if he's anything like D.T., he'll likely still be a source of trouble at times and many of us will wonder 'Why is he not being held accountable for his actions?'. But who knows? Maybe we'll be lucky if it takes less than five seasons to realize that even a pony like Sprout still has some good in him.

A strong point about Sunny Starscout. If she's going to be an alicorn someday, perhaps this movie was merely a foreshadow of something bigger to come in later episodes. It's one thing to bring ponies back together in harmony, but I feel the best from her is still to come. She succeeded in her mission, but greater challenges await beyond the horizons. Perhaps a challenge that explains just 'why' the ponies blamed and feared one another in the first place. And only until she truly test herself as a pony will she earn the ranking of being an alicorn princess. But for now, I think we can confirm she's just content with fulfilling the promise she made with her father (Even if he wasn't there to see it).

The easiest thing we can assume is that this post-credit moment was probably 'nothing'. But if at some point we do get to explore this hoofprint, as we have seen was left by an Earth pony, it does add to the believe that Earth ponies themselves have more magic than we give credit for. Many mysteries await in this new Equestria, questions that still need answers. And if the original Elements are somehow involved, this could change everything we've imagined about the Equestria we've known.

The movie is flawed without question, but it still didn't hurt my overall experience seeing the movie. If anything, if the whole point was to get me curious about all the overarching questions left unanswered, ones best reserved for the upcoming special and series, it certainly did its job. And I want to be there for the ride.

*Surprised you didn't ask me to repeat myself*

To your point, yes, I agree on all accounts. By Sprout being a Diamond Tiara I did mean that though he was portrayed largely as an antagonist but towards his final moments we do see that he appears to want to be able to reform. After all, he is just a momma's boy at heart and it was clear all he was looking for was her approval, he just took it a step too far. Prior to his reveal as the villain, he seems kind of like he could end up becoming a "Spike" to the others with his "oh no, I appear to be trapped" and need to be viewed as just as popular as Hitch, or even just his unusual breakout into a song and dance number

I merely copied and pasted your previous comment and then it was a matter of spacing them out to know what you said.

True, Sprout was largely antagonistic during the movie to the point he was consumed by his own fear to take action. But I do acknowledge that at a time, he 'did' want to reform even though he took his time to join the others. If anything, everything he did was only because he wanted his mother's approval considering all the encouragement she gave unto him.

So in a way I could also see his comparisons to Spike. Though Spike was initially a good guy, he did have his moments that were deemed drastic even by his standards. He too made his mistakes but eventually he not only learned from them but in turn earned the respect of the fans. Maybe the same could happen to Sprout, who knows? If the theme of MLP has always been about 'Love and Tolerance', in turn giving someone a chance to show another layer to their character, we can only hope the company knows what they are doing in terms of Sprout.

Ah, clever

And yes, I would like to believe that G5 has room for Sprout

As for the horseshoe print turning into a heart, another idea is that the three featured foals could be the next CMCs. The heart is obviously either the writer's idea of a nice intro to the end credits (that they somehow didn't predict would cause hundreds of fan theories) or maybe even a hint to something about a deeper connection between earth ponies and the earth itself that the three foals will discover as a B-Plot to the new five

It's possible those three foals could potentially be the next CMC. Even if they get new voices as it happens when promoting films to a television series, it's possible, if not 'probable' that these girls could end up being so popular the series might promote them.

As for the use of the glowing heart-shaped hoofprint during the credits could be something subtle. Could there be a deeper connection with the Earth ponies and the Earth itself? Perhaps so. With the release of magic back in Equestria, Earth ponies may eventually discover that they are more than just ponies without horns and a set of wings.

Agreed on all parts

But seriously, I did not notice the Bell before-

It took me multiple times to realize that Grogar's bell was sitting amongst Argyle's collection of relics. So I kind of missed it during my first viewing too. Still and all, to know that a pony like Argyle managed to find the old bell and having kept it for research after all this time, it does beg the question as to how much research he's been doing and what he had to do to even recover this bell.

It's a good thing he was wise not to activate it, for we know what that bell is capable of.

It could also be he doesn't know what it is. As for how he came into contact with it, probably a Daring Do find or the pony tribes separated and these relics in museums or old vaults just went to whoever wanted them. Still, Argyle's "office" area is just littered with Easter eggs, there's a quill or feather of some sort in the corner, a picture of Starswirl...

Me too

I mostly had a few criticisms about but otherwise it’s a pretty great film that could have potential.

Plot and pacing isn’t perfect but I give it praise for the universal message of misinformation and allusions to segregation.

Argyle may know many things about the old days of Equestria, but perhaps not 'everything'. That would be putting the old colt too high on a pedestal. There are many reasons as to how he was able to come across the bell. He either found it by fate or perhaps in his hay day he used to be an archaeologist. Still, as you said, all the things he's been able to collect all those years. And yes, even a portrait of the late Starswirl the Bearded.

We can only assume that he too passed on, even though he was brought back in a later season during the Stygian scenario. Still, he is by no means an immortal figure. Surely, he would still die at some point and it was under likely-hood to happen before the events of Gen 5 truly began. But I'm sure much of his legacy was left behind even after his inevitable passing.

There's definitely potential somewhere in this new addition for the franchise. I must agree plot and pacing will need the most work, especially with all the new material they have in mind. We can at least appreciate the fact that this is among another select few of movies teaching us the importance to the dangers of misinformation and segregation. To remind us all that regardless how different we are, in every part of the world, in a way we're still one and the same. And until the day we truly learn what it means to not just be a united nation, but a united planet as well, may we hope for that better future where we never have to fear of any wars amongst ourselves.


Which is why it’s up to an 8 for me

Also the songs in the film also worked for me since I dig into musical theory (which I’ll also explain in my review on my blog post)

Speaking of Starswirl dying-I know I personally hate thinking about it but the Mane six are probably dead too. And Shining Armor, even the Princesses, maybe.

Pretty much everyone we knew in the old show except for the dragons is likely long dead...

Nice review Drama, I'm with you on all the unanswered questions and I have many myself, I really hope they explain more in the upcoming series, its got my mind reeling:pinkiecrazy::pinkiehappy:

Those songs were fun. Though after hearing the soundtrack of the songs, I started seeing there were a few spots during those musical sequences in which it seemed like they could've done more.

Under the likely circumstances, we may have to consider the possibility. After all, thousands of years have probably past by this point of the MLP Universe. And if Twilight Sparkle chose not to outlive her friends, she probably passed away around the same time as her friends. As for the dragons, we'd have to determine the fact that they likely age much differently compared to ponies. So it just might be possible that Spike might be alive, but he's been living in self-exile what with the loss of his friends.

Hopefully, plenty of answers will come the moment of the episodes' release. If you have any questions, please feel free to respond with any.

Honestly only a couple seems like they could work on it or could’ve cut.

Also I do think “Gonna Be My Day” potentially functions as Sunny’s I want song and opening number.

I've always said that Sunny's one number truly felt like an 'I Want' song. Hence how she goes on and on about having that one day where all her hard work finally pays off, when her fellow Earth ponies can finally put their prejudice aside and embrace the friendship they once shared with the unicorns and Pegasi. That no longer will she feel like the only pony who dreams for that better tomorrow, when it seemed to be that she is the only one who doesn't want to live in a world plagued by fear.

Not to mention it has a Villain song “Danger, Danger” (Yes. Sprout technically counts there but then again not 100%) and the Duet song “I’m Looking Out For You” that proves to be integral to the film

Yes, it is true. Those songs do fill their purposes. Of course, one could argue that Sprout only started this mob because he was already feeling the pressure of being Sheriff that it suddenly wasn't good enough to take Hitch's place. He was starting to believe that these ponies believed him to be that leader and he took advantage of their fear to get them to do his bidding.

Whereas for that duet number, it truly was a fun little jingle. In a way, it reestablished the firm statement that ever since those two started to become good friends they would always look out for one another. That no matter what happens, they won't let anything happen to one another.

*Offscreen* They both should get a room!


Which is why I also praise this film for having these musical numbers that easily moves along the plot despite pacing of course

Yeah...not to mention Smolder and her friends...

Yes, it is a very good thing for that too.

Yes, I am aware of them. I hadn't forgotten.

And the movie itself probably would've stayed at that spot had it not been for the release of that 'Squid Game' series...

Hmm, I may have to check that out.

Um... the games don't exactly involve 'you', Squidward.

Aayo! Sorry Squidward, better luck next time!

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Oh, I wonder:ajsmug:.

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Yeah, I already made The WaterBoy reference.

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Well, that's not foreshadowing at all...

Nope, not at all...

If the Unicorns and Pegasi were our friends, prove it!

& the movie gods were like: Okay.

Hi new friends!!!

Hi new cute character!

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Yo, when I saw that I was like: What The Fuck!?

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it's like if the unicorns were like 'Amalthea' but with a more limited use in magic...

I need to see that movie again because... What the hell is it?

Well on a more positive note, we have the birth of the Tennis Ball meme...

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Well at least the song's not terrible...

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It's like if Canterlot and Manehatten had a baby together.

Yeah, I concur.

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we are quickly given the reveal that the Pegasi too lack the ability to fly. With the royal family having been using 'wires' to pretend to fly. So in a way, it's kind of like Peter Pan... but without all the occasional accidents.

Yeah, I remember the narrator mentioning that in "The Making Of Disney's Peter Pan" on VHS in the late 90's.

The best way I can describe this character is if she's basically Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash combined... without the twilighting.

Yes Dude👍!

Totally not foreshadowing a future episode at all...

...Nope, not at all



If this were 'Equestria Girls', this would be WAY more embarrassing...

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Just when I learned how wonderful it is to have friends, I have to leave them.

I'm a grown man & I don't cry (Trying hard to hold back the tears).

A pony who for years waited to meet a unicorn and a Pegasus, having forgotten about a letter she sent years ago, and suddenly by fate this unicorn arrives having been carrying her letter since she herself was a filly. In a way it's like these mares were just destined to meet. And seeing how much these ponies feel inspired by 'Playing their Part, Hoof to Heart' (And old saying from Sunny's father) Hitch ultimately relents and decides to do whatever he can to help Sunny's dream...

Not gonna cry, Not Gonna Cry!

Luke... I am your father...

No... I am your father (Frustrating Sigh) It always bothers me when people misread movie quotes! Aaah! (Calms down) Sorry for the rage, I've learned to cope with it over the years.

*Frowns* Sprout, what're you doing? Sorry, just prepping for my 'Star Wars' audition...

Sorry, but no dice Mr. Big Shot.

Wow... nearly as gloomy as the day they completely revamp 'Splash Mountain' from the 'Magic' Kingdom...

AAYO! For me, I don't mind them changing it.

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But it's only during her clean-up when she soon discovers a third crystal hidden in the very lamp Argyle made for her, which happens to fit in the very spot in the lighthouse where all the crystals are meant to fit together.

(Quietly) Son Of A Bitch!

TRANSFORMERS! More than meets the eye...

TRANSFORMERS! Robots In Disguise!

Sunny eventually realize that it was never about 'bringing' the crystals together, but rather the 'ponies' coming together. To put aside their differences and come together as one nation.

*Pause* Well, 'obviously'!

Yeah, insert movies with that exact same freakin' message here.

Sunny Starscout as an alicorn.

Jesus Christ! That was fast! but I actually don't mind, all things considered dou.

You're never going to let this down are you?

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So I don't have a lot to say (HA) , but I will say that I thoroughly enjoyed it.
& to think it was almost released under Paramount Pictures but instead it was released under Netflix which in my opinion was a good move on Netflix's behalf because if it was released in theaters (HOO) it would be next to im(fucking)possible to avoid spoiler... even though it was still a little hard to avoid spoiler before the release of film, which is Always A Pain In The MotherF***ing ASS! (Inhale) (Exhale) Excuse me, anywho that's my 2 cents on this.

*Offscreen* Bet ya 5 bucks this comment is gonna be taken down.

Ahh shut your...

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...yeah, you may be right about that, It's a deal.


...uhh I don't know what was my purpose or even motivation to do this,
but it was a lot of fun for me to do it.

*Offscreen* Yeah dude, U went ham!

:unsuresweetie:(kindly shrugs) Thanks, I guess.

Anywho, you're welcome man👍:raritywink:.

I think some of your images aren't working. Also as a whole the pacing i thought was pretty good at explaining the divide if you look at the subtle clues in the background and various other hints in the dialogue and locations. (least i thought so) My biggest problem was Sprout. He's not a bad villian he just felt very downplayed and unnecessary. Pip also despite being heavily advertised didn't get as much time to shine as Zipp did which was kinda dissapointing. I thought she would have had a bigger role and been more interesting than she was shown. Hopefully she gets fleshed out more

God fucking damn it... and after all that time trying to find the right images. But whatever, I already had a big enough headache trying to get them in.

Anyway... the pacing for me was a little iffy at times, but perhaps if given a more thorough look at all the clues in the background it would make more sense. And yes... Sprout. To me, I've never been a huge fan of the 'comedic' villains except if they are the sidekicks to the major ones and while I respect Ken for his comedic work at times, for me Sprout came off as utterly annoying most of the time.

For me, Pipp and Zipp were less fleshed out as characters. They barely offered much for the movie though even if they could, like with Zipp's reluctance of being future Queen or if more time was spent on Pipp learning to see a bigger world outside of social media it seemed like the writers thought it would distract from the main focus. But in doing so, I felt it made them a little less interesting as opposed to the more interesting line-up in the cast. But hopefully when the new series comes out, we'll have as much time getting to know each of the sisters (Specifically Pipp).

I can see why he came off as annoying. He is a cowardly egocentric momma's boy. least from the sneak peak animatics it looks like he's paying for his crime at least. I thought zipp was more interesting considering how she prides herself in being honest and stuck her royal neck out for sunny and izzy. Pip only seemed to join the quest because she had no other options. Heck my original theory was that she was going to help with the scheme by sheduling the whole show hereself in order to be a distraction not that it was a schedule event. Granted im not a writer but it would have been a little more interesting (also sorry about that image comment i didn't want to annoy you or sound nitpicky)

That's assuming the animatics are 'real', I heard from a source that they were fake. But I don't really know for sure.

And yes... Zipp has something special about her. She's got that honesty about her especially with how uncomfortable she is living a lie about their fly. She was the 'one' member of the Pegasi who was willing to give Sunny & Izzy the benefit of a doubt, even helping to steal the crown (Even though she hadn't planned on actually sabotaging her own sister's show).

As for Pipp, I do agree over the fact that it seemed the only reason she joined the quest was because she had nothing back home. All her fans turned on her, they were basically criminals for lying to their subjects for Celestia knows how long, and she seemed more like a tagalong with the one motivation to get the flight powers back and be a hero. Perhaps it would've been nicer if the concert was indeed a distraction as a means of helping the girls but I guess they figured it wasn't going to work. Still, I do agree that 'maybe' it would've given something for Pipp.

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