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Why be racist when you can just do meth?

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    Jimmy Hopkins could stab me and i'd apologize and thank him smh

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    "Yo mama."


    "Ahhhh You mad."

    "I aint mad,bitch 🙄🤬🤬🙄 Look where you working at."

    "You mad ahhhh look where you eatin at lmao."

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    What 😰

    My mom just suggested that I join the elective military classes.

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    "Wait a second..Yara? But..But youre our friend!"

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Bruh · 4:47pm October 8th

Its fucking sad and disgusting that I had to physically stop a dude from sexually harrasing/assaulting a girl at my school today. He wouldnt stop even when like several people told him to and grab his hands to get him away from her. He kept on using the excuse "Well,she's asking for it." Which,no one is ever doing unless they specifically give you consent. It was fucking disguting that I had to scream at and beat up this 13 year old boy who had the maturity of a fucking 3 year old. This poor girl sobbed,and I mean sobbed about it for an hour in class and none of the teachers believed her or did anything about it, they always said "Welp,boys will be boys!" Yeah,they will,but this is not typical 'Boy behavior' this is literal sexual assault that could lead to more.

This poor girl went home because of it,I had to hold her as she sobbed in my arms since no one else would do something for hee except stare in awe. I fucking hate this school and the american education system. People are disgusting..I really hope that girls okay.

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I would have kicked him in the balls for that

Bold of you to assume I didnt

show him your dominace

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