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Giving him a boost · 4:33am Oct 8th, 2021

ah welcome to Gustave le Grand do you have a….

*the waiter stops as he looks at fallout who’s currently pulling on his tie*

reservation….is there a problem?

oh no everything is fine sir he’s just fixing his tie! We have a reservation under the name Rarity

hmm…very well then let me see

*the waiter clicked his Tongue and begins to look through a book on the podium he’s standing behind giving rarity time to help fallout fix his tie*

honestly darling I told you to stop messing with this your going to get us kicked out

I’m sorry I really am but you know I don’t like wearing these suits it’s uncomfortable for me

I know my love but it’ll be worth it I promise this place has the best food in the city!

And the most expensive! I looked this place up online Rarity

* scoffed* oh please darling your acting like your going to pay

But I-

* places a finger on his lips* shhh~ I told you that tonight is my treat didn’t I darling?

W-well yea but-

*fallout was cut off by the waiter speaking up*

ah miss Rarity your table is ready now please follow me

excellent come along now dear!

*fallout was about to speak up but was cut off as Rarity held his hand and began to pull him through the restaurant and to there table which was a small round table*

isn’t this lovely fallout the have a state right over there for people to play music on I hope they play something good tonight

*fallout looks around at the restaurant and doesn’t feel like he belongs here everything looks so fancy and expensive and so do the people eating*

I really don’t feel comfortable here babe everything looks really expensive

you’ll get used to it trust me I know you’ll change your mind when you try the food!

I still think I should at least help pay for this

I told you I was paying for this tonight

I know but I don’t like making you or the others pay for my things though

I know and it’s cute and all but we want to buy you things too dear you already spend a lot on us

Because i love seeing you girls happy

as long as we’re with you we’re always happy….although that lovely purse you got me last week makes me happy as well!

* chuckles* of course babe

*kisses him* now enough worrying let’s enjoy this evening ok

*smiles* yeah ok but as we leave this place the tie is coming off I really hate it

*laughs* yes of course it can come off after we leave dearest

*Fallout and rarity spent a good amount of time enjoying each other’s company and the food until it was interrupted by someone tapping the microphone causing everyone to look at the waiter at the front door on stage holding the microphone*

ah I apologize for the interruption everyone but unfortunately we will not be having live music tonight because-

*the waiter was cut off as quite a few people began to complain making the waiter nervous*

oh no I was looking forward to dancing with you tonight

Sorry babe…hey maybe after this we can head to my place and I can play you something I have been working on

that actually does sound…..nice wait a minute I think I have an idea!

Uh What is it babe?

please everyone just calm down as I was trying to explain before we don’t have anyone yet but we will soon

*Rarity quickly stands up then shouted*

my boyfriend can play for you!

*Fallout goes wide eyed in shock as everyone looks at them even the waiter is surprised*

What?! Rarity are you crazy! I can play in front of people I have stage fright like fluttershy does

fallout this is the perfect way for you to get over this fear and to let everyone know how much of a great singer you are please do it for me

Rarity I-

* people around them began to encourage him to preform *

see darling even they want to see you play come on do it for me please I’ll make sure to reward you when we get home

*after a little more encouraging fallout caved in and climbed onto the stage and approached the waiter* u-uh can I get a chair and an acoustic guitar please?

….yes you can….and thank you for volunteering I’ll be right back with everything

*the waiter quickly left leaving fallout to look at the crowd making him nervous and gulp eventually his eyes fell on rarity who was staring back at him with a happy smile mouthing out words of encouragement*

I believe in you just focus on me

*fallout does his best to calm down and only look at rarity which worked he almost didn’t even notice the waiter coming back *

here is everything you need sir good luck

Thanks I’ll do my best

*fallout took off his coat and sat down on the chair then adjusted the microphone and checked the guitar and then closed his eyes for a moment then opened them only looking at rarity then began to play*

This song goes out to my amazing girlfriend who I’m lucky to be with

*As fallout played he saw some of the customers getting closer to there own loved ones and rarity getting teary-eyed after it was over rarity ran over to him and pulled I’m into a hug*

fallout that was beautiful darling! It really touched me I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you!

I-I’m glad you liked it babe I was scared you wouldn’t it

what?! You play and sing the sweetest songs i could never hate them you really need to do this more hopefully this will give you the boost you need

It did babe if really did thank you

your welcome my love now let’s go back to our table and pay our bill before they make you do an encore I want you to myself~

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I doubt I could last time I went on stage I froze I interpreted the whole musical cause I was a statue lol

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