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    Brainwashed and Crazy: By the enchanted armor.

    Redemption Equals Death: Is freed from the armor, but dies soon after.

    Suspiciously Similar Substitute: He is related to a good guy, is also good but turned evil because of his armor, gets freed from the control but has to die doing so... and is not named Fratello this time.

    If I may quote from Mr. Hand...

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    Stone Heart's Felonies

    My favorite FIF character, STONE HEART, committed a few crimes himself, but I constantly receive complaints (Namely from my detractors) that all he got was a slap on the wrist (He wasn't punished severely enough.)

    ...Yeah... that's right. He did get a slap on the wrist, and I'm also about to label his crimes and the circumstances surrounding it.

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    De-Bunking (TV-Tropes ACE RAY Starfleet character)

    Brainwashed: To like Starfleet and feel sorry for attacking his sister in the original version. In the updated version, he's "merely" sent to an insane asylum instead.


    In the initial story, he was not brainwashed, he was put into a magical fantasy to help show him things (A bit like forcing him to watch a movie) and he was sent to the asylum in BOTH versions.

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    One thing it fails at is the fact that Equestria, for the better term, is a Despotic Absolute Monarchy.

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You want Change-- Pay for it! · 9:45pm October 7th

And it's NOT a mental breakdown...

I don't believe in Win-Win Scenarios, and don't really like them all the time either.

And I don't believe "Free" or "Bargains"

I believe in THE CATCH.

I believe in "Everything comes with a Price" They usually do.

Like getting SUPER POWERS, and Becoming a Hero/Villain.

-It comes at a price.

Beast Boy may have cool animal morphing powers, but he's been mutated... A freak.

Most people may not want to be around him just because of the way he looks. Even if he learns to look past it, there will always be a part of him who doesn't like how he looks.

-They can be bad for your health.


A mad scientist who experimented and came up with ETERNAL LIFE... but the catch is, he can only live in Darkness. If the sunlight shines on him, he'll die.

-They can make you dangerous.

The vid says it all, but anyway. Trying to keep your emotions in check so you don't unleash a terrible force that you have no control of and could cause unthinkable damages.

-You have to FEED yourself the power.

Sometimes, you're powers have to be restored and regenerated through process...

Like Cyborg... he's gotta keep his power-cells good and charged, or he could freezeup, and fall over dead as a doornail, and with no one around to help him, he's might as well REALLY be dead.

-If you're a hero, you usually have to keep secret about it

Spidey knows this too well...

1: Superheroes cause a lot of collateral damages, and you don't want to get sued like Mr. Incredible did.

(I don't like Mr. Incredible... so I'm glad he's getting hurt.)

2: You do it protect your friends and loved ones form you enemies, even if it means you have to let them down, they break up with you, or don't trust you anymore. As good as any intentions are... it still sucks and hurts that you have to do it.

You don't get to live a normal life.

The biggest issue of all for any hero.

You're on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So as well as letting your friends down, you have to pass up opportunities, miss board meetings, or be late for school and things like that. It's the catch that comes with the job...

Sam Lane to Lois: You may have fallen in love with Clark Kent, but you married Superman. And Superman doesn't get to have a normal life, no matter how much you want one for him.

Why even my own Starfleet have their catches and prices. They're not living full normal lives if they're always on call to risk their lives and brave dangers.

In Starfleet, duty ALWAYS comes first, even before friends and family... or even a wedding day! You can't just ignore your duties for the sake a of a few people (Even if they are important to you) By neglecting your duties, you increase the risk of EVERYONE dying including those you love.

Some ponies even came to Starfleet after having their lives ruined...

Lightning may be the hotshot big commander, with a beautiful wife and a family of his own now... but how did he get here in the first place... it all started when his birth planet was destroyed, his family killed, and he was left to fend for himself. (That's his catch/price)

That's just the SUPER POWERS version...

Let's compare to every day life and stuff.

There are no "Freebies"

There are no "Bargains"

There's no "Win-Win"

...Everything comes with a Price/Catch.

Compromise Primes us for Disappointment.


There's ONE Apple, but there's two of you... what do you do... you split it in half.

You still didn't get THE WHOLE APPLE (Which is what you really wanted) and even if you are willing to settle for just the small amount, the fact is, you still suffered some loss, which can and will likely, emotionally overshadow The "Win"

I'll use one of my OWN experiences...

When I saw Tara Strong at a con in 2019, she gave a Unikitty Autograph for "Free" (It would have cost $50)

I had to pay $40 to have a Selfie with her. (You don't get to just walk up to the celebs, shake their hand and say hi and talk bit... No, you are REQUIRED to BUY something (Autograph or Selfie) or get out of the line)

And then again, there was my Pass to get INTO the con in the first place, which cost $155

...So the Unikitty Autograph wasn't really free... WAS IT? If it was really free, I wouldn't have had to pay any money for anything at all.

And then again, it doesn't even have to be MONEY. Just like with Superheroes, you'll have to make SACRIFICES, whether you want to or not.

When you grow big... from a child, to a teenager, to an adult, you make quite a few sacrifices.

-You outgrow your favorite clothes.
-You may need to start wearing glasses
-You can't do somethings like you used to (Play in playgrounds, go on those kiddy rides you loved)
-Eventually, you'll start getting aches and pains as you grow really old, and some will never get better.

If you get a job, get married, start a family...

You'll be devoting most of your time to your work, and your loved ones and then come home and probably be too wiped out to engage in any fun activities anymore. You might end up being LUCKY if you can find HALF AN HOUR A WEEK to yourself and do what YOU want to do.

That's one of the many reasons I avoid stuff like that... so I don't have to suffer those rather UNPLEASANT responsibilities and sacrifices.

Growing Old is MANDATORY
Growing up is OPTIONAL

Why even look at Spike and Twilight...

When they become Rulers of Equestria and Move to Canterlot permanently, they are separated from their friends. Coming to visit them once in a while still does not absolve that, nor does it mean settling for second best.

It's still a price... it's not a "Win-Win"

THAT... it what I firmly believe in... "The Price/Catch"

INHERIT THE WIND a play/movie, even informs us this fact of reality...

Do you deny any of that?

-If we want to put up a new mall, we'll have breakdown a park, or an old building, or even a few homes...

-You want this job, you'll have to migrate closer to us, and sacrifice your time...

-You want to live in our society... you'll follow our rules.

And now, for my favorite kind of Payment/Catches... The CONSEQUENTIAL STYLE

As in done by the results of effects of actions, which I usually INFLICT on characters (in an act of jerkishness) True, they don't HAVE to happen, but that doesn't mean I don't WANT them to happen... especially as Punishment.

For example...

Terra doesn't want to know Beast Boy or have anything to do with him, and demands he leave her in peace. BB respects her wishes and tries to move on with his life.

I don't like that... and I'm not going to tolerate it. I don't want him moving on, or being happy, or having goodness for what he just did.

...You want change, here's the bill, now pay up!

Even if BB doesn't become evil, a jerk, or dies... (Which I prefer he does) he is not to have any forum of happiness in his life ever again. Any and everything he does will only bring him pain, hardship, tragedy, and unfulfilment.

-Automatic Doors don't open for him.

-He's not welcome in places where the other Titans are

-He gets no respect or kindness from the people he helps

-The Titans are to be apathetic jerks towards him all the time. (Especially Raven: She's always annoyed by him, even over nothing, and she'll smack him in the face just because SHE CAN and SHE FEELS LIKE IT)

...that's just the tip of the iceberg. There's loads of crap I can dump on him.

You want to give up on Terra... Here's the Bill, complete with the catches.

Same with Terra...

she wants to live a normal life... she made me very angry for the way she stabbed BB like that...

"I'm going to get you for this!"

"You'll pay for this!"

I'm gonna make her life a living hell like I make BB's life...

-She's unpopular at school (Has little friends, boys don't like her)
-She gets bad grades
-The most she'll get is a low paying job, like working in a coffee shop.
-Her conscience... now there's something I enjoy the most. Making her feel extreme guilt and remorse for what she did to BB, she can't think straight, she can't eat well, and she often has nightmares when she sleeps. (After all, she didn't want to know him, think about him, or care about him even if he was hurt... just as long as she gets what she wants, making all this quite a befitting punishment)

Cryptkeeper: "I guess being a Rat to a mouse-type like Beast Boy doesn't pay. Just ask Terra... She learned the hard way that it's not healthy to go to bed with a guilty conscience. Your guilt may come back to haunt you.

Pleasant Screams, little girl! HEE HEE HEE HEE HEE!!

You got Change, Terra... NOW PAY FOR IT. (Endure the consequences)

And that's what I mean by Consequential pay. (You'll Suffer for it)

"Growing up, changing, doesn't automatically mean being miserable for the rest of your life."

I know it doesn't, but that also doesn't automatically mean the other way either... especially... If I don't want it!

If I get a job I don't want, if it contributes to society, and people are very happy for me and very proud of me, or try to be nice to me...

"You should be happy and proud."
"Well... I'm not."

"We're offering you friendship and cool benefits."
"I don't want it."

"I want to be friends with you again."
"Well I don't."

...What I'm trying to say is, I don't want good things happening to me for getting a job and things like that, and I will do whatever it takes to make it that way, including disengaging in all my favorite activities inclduing (TV, Video games, movies, drawing, writing, singing, acting, sports, constitutional, going to cons, on vacations, ect, ect...)

"Change from BAD to WORSE"

And also, because I like this kind of dramatics... "I warned you this would happen! I warned you what I would do if it came to this... and you didn't listen."

To me: It shows I can't be budged, and it shows people I mean business.

To You: it shows that "You're a crybaby jerk throwing a massive tantrum."

...Whatever, the warning still stands, and so do my beliefs, methods and desires... especially in fiction.

You want Change? Be prepared to pay for it.

Can't afford it after the purchase? Sorry, all sales are final. I'll just have to take EVERYTHING from you."

(This next stuff applies only to cartoons and fanfiction that I write)

After the violations and offenses commited, trial was held in Department 185, Supreme Court, of the Art of Fanfiction, in and under the order of DakariKingMykan.
In a moment the results of that trial.

Death Penalty: (The character will be killed)
Confinement: (A living hell life)
Probation: (Live your life as a jerk)

The suspect was found guilty on a number of charges including, Willingly letting go and attempting to move on.
(Murder in the first degree)

Willingly letting go and attempting to move on (Murder in the first degree) is punishable by Death, or confinement in the state prison for life.

"Garfield Logan/ Beast Boy: Now awaiting Further Execution in future fics
(Placed on probation in other fics)

The suspect was found guilty of Selfishly breaking someone's heart for cold, cruel reasons
(Murder in the Second degree)

"Terra Markov, now serving a life sentence in the state penitentiary for women"

The suspect was found guilty of letting go, and getting her life back on track (Murder in the first degree) and was sentenced to Death.
Execution was carried out December 24, 2020.

"Moondancer: Deceased"

The suspects were found guilty on a number of charges including Denial and Refusal to understand and realize the existence of unpleasant realities.
(4 counts of Bank Robbery) which is punishable by imprisonment for not more than 25 years on each count.

"Twilight Sparkle & Friends: Now serving their sentences in the Federal Penitentiary.

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Justice served. C.O.D-r.o.t.o.r, 1987

i may not agree with everything you say, but your right about a hero and his/her responsibilities

[edit] just noticed that the mane 6 have some sort of shackle to prevent escape, rarity and twilight have horn covers, rainbow and flutters have wing suppressants

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