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De-Bunking Defect Compiler (Yugioh E-Quest Rules) · 4:24pm October 7th

Mmm... more stupidity for me to pummel.. yum-yum-yum.

Someone has been riffing my Yugioh E-Quest fics, with quite a backwards realization, and I'm here to correct some of them, because they don't seem to understand ALL the ways of making Yugioh fics.

Also if your fic uses the anime rules, why does everyone start with 8000 Life Points?

If you're going to make Duel Monsters more like the TCG than the anime by starting everyone with 8000 LP, you are in no position to complain when people say you need to follow the TCG's rules!

No, no, no... I don't STRICTLY use the Anime rules, I COMBINE the Anime Rules with real life rules. More on that later...

The use of Forbidden cards is only considered a defect in officially-sanctioned tournament Duels. Anime cards use the Forbidden / Limited list values of their TCG equivalents, if any.

Uh-uh-uhn... I said I'm combining the REAL and ANIME rules, and in the Anime...

There is no Forbidden list in the Anime, nor any ADVANCED FORMAT. In the anime, even in tournaments, they use TRADITIONAL FORMAT


"Pot of Greed" is on the Forbidden list in the TCG Advanced format, and its use is not allowed in tournament play.

Battle City Semi-finals (Yugi-VS Kaiba): Yugi used Pot of Greed, Card Destruction and both and Kaiba used Monster Reborn All of which were forbidden at the time in the real world.

Yugioh Zexal Episode 27: Monster Reborn was used... in a TOURNAMENT.

Yugioh Arc V episode 71: Monster Reborn was used during the FRIENDSHIP CUP TOURNAMENT, and I know for a fact Monster Reborn was on the Forbidden List back then at the time of the ep's airing.

...So give it up with your whole FORBIDDEN LIST chatter.

In fact the anime even once violated the LIMITED LIST.

Yugioh (Duelist: Seeker): Exodia cards are limited (You can only have ONE copy of each card in your deck. Yet Seeker used 3 copies of each) Does your algorithm have anything to say about that?!

Why even Zane Truesdale's Cyber Dragon deck, in those days... duelists were only allowed ONE, count 'em, ONE Cyber Dragon in their deck. Yet in the anime Zane kept using three. Riddle me that.

CARD OF SAFE RETURN is banned in the Advanced format for Tournament Play

Newsflash: Even if the Forbidden list and Advance Formats were used, which they are not, Rainbow Dash VS Masquerade... That was an ordinary street duel, not a tournament duel.

But then again, the ADVANCED FORMAT in real life isn't just restricted to tournament play, even FRIENDLY DUELS are required to follow it. See you deal with that.

So, again, I'm not STRICTLY using only REAL LIFE rules or ANIME rules, but I'm COMBINING THEM... (Some things stay, some things go) more on that in a bit.

And while we're at it, here's one I feel proud about mocking...

Masquerade is so mean to people, Good luck finding anyone who will play with you.

Someone skipped class that day...

Masquerade hardly challenges ANYONE to games/duels. It's THEY who usually challenge him (Like Rainbow... when her Ego was bruised)

After that... Masquerade was either challenged by other duelists, or because this is a TOURNAMENT... if you're assigned to him, you get no say and neither does he.

The Four-Way Battle-Royal duel for the semi-finals-- to determine who faces whom-- That can barely be considered a direct challenge either. He WANTED to duel Karle (Sci-Twi) so he manipulated the duel to arrange it.

So don't go about QUESTIONING how he finds opponents to play against, especially he doesn't play for sheer fun and joy, but for power and greatness.

Now, in addition to that,I will go over the ideals, and my own algorithm of making Yugioh fics.

First of all, what you have to understand is making Yu-Gi-Oh duels in fics can be hard work... you have to...

-Plan out ahead a little
-Make the duel last a certain length.
-Keep track of what cards are played, in play, and in hand
-Are the moves you want to make even feasibly possible, and how will they affect the rest of the duel

...And you have to watch out for your OWN RULES as well (Algorithm you set.)

One of my rules is... "Only using cards that existed up to and including the Arc-V era"

What that means is... there's a BOUNDARY LINE of what cards can actually be used.

Let's look at Sci-Twi's deck. She uses "Lunalights"

As was said... she may only use cards (of any kind) that are WITHIN the boundary line.

Crimson Fox
Sabre Dancer
Kaleido Chick
Emerald Bird
Yellow Marten

Lunalight Fusion

Lunalight Serenade Dance

These ARE Lunalight monsters, and Lunalight support cards that could be useful in Twilight's deck, but because they were printed as early as 2019... they are OUTSIDE the boundary line, and therefore Sci-Twi MAY NOT use them (As they would not have properly existed within the era)

I research cards... I see one... I read it's effect...

"Hey, this card could work."

I see the date when it was released (2020/2021)

"DAMN!! It's out of line."

...So I don't use it at all.

The only exception to this rule, is IF... and only IF... the card was used in the Anime prior to it's REAL LIFE creation. In which case, it's ANIME effect is to be applied.

In the Anime, even in the tournaments, they seem to use TRADITIONAL FORMAT, therefore, my duels will all be written in said style. Which means, there is no FORBIDDEN LIST.

Also, you have to keep in mind that the CARD LISTS are always changing every few months or so. Some cards get banned, Some get unbanned.

This one of Principal Celestia's cards. It may be FORBIDDEN now, but it wasn't during the time I was writing the story.

What? am I supposed to go back and REWRITE the entire duels because that card doesn't work anymore? Forget it!

That's why, FORBIDDEN LIST is out...!

Another reason is because the duels are hard to make work as they are.

Referring to that list I made about what to watch out for when writing duels.

Sometimes, I have to use cards but relllying their ANIME EFFECTS, or use cards that are FROM the anime, and don't exist in reality.

It may well be the only way to get the duel to work and proceed the way it needs to without violating the boundary line rules. Even the amines wouldn't be able to make all their duels work the way they did if they used OUR REAL RULES.

You can read what the card says; what it does in our world...

In the Anime, this card makes both players draw until they each are holding six cards.

Now that's a great way to refresh the players' hands (When needed) which can open up more options.

"I want Sunset to do (Insert Move) but she doesn't have enough cards/her hand is empty." Somehow, I've got to refresh her hand... make it the old "Heart of the Cards" (Cheap-O, scripted, lucky draw)

It's the only way to make it work properly...

And then again, in addition to the BOUNDARY LINE rules, there's another rule, a LIMITATION/RESTRICTION FACTOR that I like to use as well, and that's the type of cards of you use.

Sunset's Deck Strategy uses Pendulum Magicians and Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon.

Therefore, all monsters in her MAIN DECK are to be PENDULUM MONSTERS, and they must be MAGICIAN or ODD-EYES Pendulum Dragon.

-No regular Normal Monster
-No Regular Effect Monsters.
-Just Pendulum!
-(Optional Rule) ONLY ONE OF EACH... even if they aren't Limited or Forbidden.

Same goes for Pinkie Pie... she uses PERFORMAPALS. And all monsters in her MAIN DECK are to be Pendulum Monsters ONLY.

-No Performapal NON-Pendulum Monsters Allowed.

As for her Extra Deck: She can Fusion and Synchro Summon... but she may not XYZ Summon.

Finally... let's look at Masquerade/Beast Boy...

He uses all kinds of decks (Including Exodia) But the main rule with him is... NO EXTRA DECK (He may not Fuison, Synchro, Xyz, or Pendulum) The only way he can use monsters is by taking control of them (If he chooses, which he usually doesn't)

Also, on a final rule note, (which is optional) I try NOT to repeat past decks that I have used in other Yugioh Fics I write. I want to experiment with newer decks and strategies I didn't use before.

THIS... is my Yugioh algorithm for Yugioh E-Quest

Besides... doing this makes writing the duels more challenging to write (I have to look up more, and more cards, and I may discover cards I've never seen before.)

And as a closure, don't mock me for giving people strategies used by the Anime characters.

So what if Loki uses Declan's cards...

So what if Sunset and Pinkie use Yuya's cards...

So what if Sci-Twi uses Celina's cards...

Is it really a big deal?

...So get your THINKING GAME on instead of your riffing.

Wow, he used ORACLE KING D'ARC; a card that was never used in the Anime.

Ah-ahem!! Arc-V, episode 40 (it was used) and he claims he did more research than me.

And then, he changes the mock to

"Wow, now he's using a female monster. How sexist."

*shakes head* just can't stand to be proven wrong... by ME eh?

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i agree the yu-gi-oh rules and changes are stupid


But not nearly as stupid as the riff that's being made...

You would never have SEEN such nonsensical dribble.

Calling it "Stupid" would be an insult to ACTUAL Stupidity.

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