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Known as the British Speedfreak, friend of Rainbow Dash, nemesis of Oscura Galaxia and contributor to Burnout Crossovers.

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Oscura's racing career (expanded) part 1 · 12:45am October 7th

Even though I covered this but I don't think covered like all of it but... here got nothing, Is suppose.

Even though Oscura is not the most likeable racing driver in the DangerVerse, but some fans adore her, mainly because of stellar performances in the first part of the Formula Equestria career... and other things. But how has done over the course of her career as a whole so... let's go.

Like the British Speedreak, DangerDean, Oscura started racing in karts but started 3 years before Danger did. (Even though, Danger started in 1994) In her first year, she achieved nothing of being worthy of being submitted to Wikipedia. In her second year however, she would the same karting championship Danger would win in 1994 and 1995, by only 4 points.

Oscura's first taste of proper motorsport came in 1993 when she raced Junior Formula Equestria championship. Driving for Blood Trident, she was considered an underdog in championship, BUT... Over the course 13 races in the '93 season, Oscura scored 7 pole positions, 3 wins and 5 podiums. In one season, that wasn't bad at all. In '94 and '95, Oscura would win both championship after some awesome drives... At least they didn't have Ferraris on that grid.

She raced for a season at Formula Equestria in 1996 with Benetton and she peformed rather well, scoring a few pole positions, as well as a few podiums but opted not to drive for 1997, because of getting drowned by the Williams cars was probably one of the reasons

During 1997 to 2003, Oscura competed in the Equestrian GT championship, first driving for Porsche AG Equestria in 1997 to 1999, she would win the Laguna Seca and Donington rounds respectfully in 1997 but to '99 however she wouldn't finish a race due to the 911 GT1's gearbox going on strike from time to time. She was criticized by the media as the results for the Porsches fell like an anvil. Oscura said that it wasn't due to her driving, she said that it was due to gearbox problems.

For 2000 till 2003, she would race with Paul Belmondo Racing Equestria, she was heavily unlucky at Monza when her error in one of pit stops, she would get redemption at Zolder by winning the race. In 2001, Oscura started the season off well win a podium. At Silverstone, however, she spun off at Stowe after encountering a puncture. Even though she would get a podium at Magny-Cours. She performed well at the Spa 24 Hours, finishing second.

In 2002 in that same race, she was punted off the track by a BMS Scuderia Equestria Ferrari, and Danger wasn't even there to be cast the blame. Danger was dominating the Equestrian Indycar Series but would compete in the following year. Even though Oscura did win at Jarama and Estroil

In 2003, Oscura met Danger for the first time at Barcelona, Danger told her stories before the race of his stellar Indycar stint mostly of his Indy 500 win in 1996 She found him as a good driver . She would finish 4th in that race.

For 2004, Oscura wanted to do what Danger was doing, getting the motorsport triple crown, the Indy 500, the 24 Hours of Le Mans and the Formula Equestria championship. She won the 2004 Indy 500 after a awesome drive. She partook the 24 Hours of Le Mans from 2005 to 2009, but came up short

In 2010 Oscura decided to a late model stock car race at Appleopolis Mile Track and Danger was there too, she hoped that the battle will be entertaining for the fans.

What she didn't realise that it would lead to the biggest nightmare of her life


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