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G5 Writing/Drawing Possibly Canon Resource Links (Movie Spoilers) · 12:48am October 6th

[updated 10/28/21] Do you want to write about or draw effectively in the new G5 world? Beyond watching the movie, the artists that created it are posting concept art, story-lines, deleted scenes, and detailed character models. This blog entry supplies links to artists and Equestria Daily pages that I combed through to get them. Some of these ideas might show up in the series in 2022. Any of it can spawn a story or art idea, or help you build potentially canon backgrounds. I will update this post regularly for my reference, and hopefully yours. Leave links you've found, from anywhere on the net not just EQD, in the comments and I'll add them.

Remember, sharing is caring. Post links to my blog; please don't copy and repost. Thanks!

(The Runaway Bodyguard by ScifiPony is currently in serial syndication - Check it out!)

Artist Pages

  1. Twitter: Lea Dabssi (@imalou): Primary character designer and visual developer.
  2. Art Station: Lea Dabssi (@imalou): Primary character designer and visual developer.
  3. Instagram Joscha van Dejk
  4. Artstation: Amadine Aramini
  5. Instagram: P.R. Mayer
  6. Instagram: Murad Abujaish
  7. Blogspot: Brian Hatfield: Posts: 1, 2, 3. Use website navigation ; may be others pages.
  8. Twitter: Gillian Berrow (@gmberrow): G5 and G4 writer.
  9. Hosted webpage: Alvaro Ramirez
  10. Instagram: Norja L-Galiano
  11. Instagram: Jonatan Catalan Navarrete
  12. Twitter: Aaron Chen (@aanono)
  13. Twitter: Kaitrin Snodgrass (@x_Zombiefish_x)
  14. Instagram Celia Kaspar (@celiascribles)[/urll]
  15. Fabia Sans, designer and illustrator

Equestria Daily Post Link to show only G5 Posts

  1. Tree of Harmony in G5
  2. Storyline, images of lighthouse
  3. Buildings, interiors, background, signs, plants
  4. Concept Art rough background and shot sequences
  5. Storyboards
  6. Zipp, Pipp, Royal Status. Sprout.
  7. Imalou character designer panel
  8. Concept Art Landscapes
  9. Shot Breakdowns
  10. Concept 3D Models: Sunny
  11. Concept 3D Models: Alphabittle: Color scripts
  12. 2D Movie Sequence
  13. Ascension Concept Image
  14. G5 Pony Concept Images
  15. Cut Scene Storyboards
  16. Body Details including fetlocks for 3D Zipp
  17. Cut Scenes Storyboards (maybe cut for violence)
  18. Storyboards
  19. All G5 Songs on Youtube
  20. Body Details,including fetlocks for 3D Izzy
  21. Critical Reviews
  22. 10/28/21 -------------------
  23. Background pony design sketches
  24. Views of Zephyr Heights
  25. Hitch 3D Model
  26. Hitch as a Foal
  27. Concept Art, Crystals, Trees
  28. Zephyr Heights Vehicles, Early Shots...
  29. Crystals, Zephyr Heights, Color Keys
  30. Sproutus Maximus was Phyllis Maximums?
  31. Foal Hitch Sketches
  32. Factory, Objects, Trees
  33. Pip Petals Commercial
  34. G4 redos as G5 - Visit the “Source’ link!
  35. CanterLogic Factory
  36. Architecture
  37. Sunny's House
  38. Video comps of movie vs storyboard
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Do you want to write about or draw effectively in the new G5 world?

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