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    shitposting is harder than people think

    In fact, I've just spent the last four hours brainstorming on various ends, looking for cover art that could inspire me, or reading dozens of episode transcripts to see which I could twist to write out a funny comedy.

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    Special Edition Chapter for "Twilight's Final Salvo"

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    why have I done this

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    Hey, so I've hit what's called a writer's block on this story - and I was thinking - would you guys like to suggest one or two things you'd like to see in the story? It'd help with my thinking process, tysm!

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The Final Story! · 2:04pm October 5th

It's the final one of the series! Thanks everyone for the continuous support! :D

Go check it out here!

Comments ( 2 )

What a beautiful ending. Wish we could have seen a flashback to cozy and stars defeat just for a taste, but brilliant just the same.

10 out of 10 will blow shit up again, These small stories were Great :twilightsmile:

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