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  • Thursday
    Friends in Weird Places

    In the wake of the winter and spring disaster that was known as Anon-a-Miss, Sunset Shimmer doesn't decide to go back to Equestria, or to end her own life, much less take the lives of all that have wronged her and become worse than she has ever been.

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  • 2 weeks
    A Pony Turned Human Story on Earth with a Twist

    I have a rough idea in my head now in 4:20 I'm the morning after writing throughout the night.

    Luna is thrown into an rip in space time through an interdimensional rift into our world. Her body is destroyed on the way but manifests a new body, a human equivalent body for her. She did this to escape death.

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  • 4 weeks
    I failed. I did not Deliver. I am Sorry.

    But that just means that while I failed at giving a new Spooky story for Halloween, and adding another chapter for The Symphony of Canterlot I can simply post the first half of the new chapter at midnight. Right now.

    So I'll give you all something.

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  • 4 weeks
    This line, this plot, and me having a new chapter out by tomorrow night.

    “I will make the chains that will drag them to the earth and bring the blade that will slit their throats. No more gods, no more temples, and no more sanctuaries for their flock. May the fire that I start bring ruin to all their works...” -Arcanum Folklore

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  • 5 weeks
    Welp. That was that.

    Bad Night for the Future will probably end up being a flop.

    But, don't worry. I will have a new Chapter in "The Symphony of Canterlot" and a Spooky story ready for Halloween.

    Hint, I am bringing back the original Wendigo...

    Also Nyarlathotep.

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Theme, weird, but in the end strongly fitting my whole universe · 3:01am October 5th

I feel it fit's this work, and probably most of my works in general. I love Carpenter Brut's work.

[Adult story embed hidden]

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