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A Story Idea... Involving Flutterbat and Scootaloo · 2:22am October 3rd

Well, I came up with this story idea and I thought I would share it here and see what you all think. I don't know if I'll actually write it but I figured I would share it anyway. :rainbowlaugh:

But first, allow me to show you the video that kind of inspired this concept. :scootangel:

So the idea is that the Fluttershy we know and love from the show isn't the real Fluttershy. What I mean is that in the episodes Bats! and Scare Master, Flutterbat the Scaremaster is Fluttershy's true for while the shy/quiet Fluttershy is merely a façade.

The idea is that Flutterbat enjoyed causing fear and scaring other ponies, however it wasn't long before she discovered that she couldn't feel fear and was robbed of the pleasures of such terror, so she decided to take on the alias of Fluttershy so that she could experience such things. It should also be noted that she never actually kills anypony that she is more than happy to use props and illusions to make her scares more terrifying (like using fake blood and mannequins for "corpses").

Perhaps using some sort of magical artifact or perhaps as part of an agreement with Discord, Flutterbat had everypony's memories of her changed, swapping out Flutterbat for Fluttershy.

After the events of the Scaremaster episode, Scootaloo discovers the truth of Fluttershy and in an effort to both conquer her fears and to become 20% cooler, asks Fluttershy if she can become her apprentice. After some convincing, Flutterbat agrees under the condition that Scootaloo must pass a series of trials established by Flutterbat. Another thought is that perhaps as a part of one of these trials Scootaloo somehow loses one of her eyes (or maybe something else happens to it).

While Flutterbat is a little brash and sarcastic with Scootaloo at first, as she observes Scootaloo through the trials, she starts developing almost maternal feelings for her future apprentice.

The story ends with Scootaloo managing to pass the trials and Flutterbat taking the young filly under her leathery wing as her apprentice.

So what do you think of this silly idea? :scootangel:

-Image can be found here.

Comments ( 7 )

Ahh~ That video! I remember watching that a while ago.

As to your story idea, it is an interesting concept; kinda reminds me of Alucard and the Police Girl in Hellsing. And maybe Scootaloo didn't loose an eye, but was granted power that lies within it, the eyepatch is there because she has yet to fully control it.

The strange adventures as an Apprentice to a Vampire...

It certainly won't be a dull life.

5590924 Yeah, I rediscovered this video last week, I wish the creator would make more like it. :fluttershysad:

I had considered the idea that as a pony becomes a Scaremaster that a part of them is changed/enhanced and that perhaps in Scootaloo's case it would be her eye.

Yes, it could definitely be an interesting story.

I like the story idea as it has a character growth path for both characters.

I would be concerned about losing your readers if Scootaloo, already crippled with wings that do not fly, lost an eye to go with it.

I recommend having one eye instead become slip pupiled with a red iris.

now your story-ideal jest gived me my own ideal
fell free to use it

Scoot fells sad about not felling,
so she goes to talk with FutterShy
they talk
Fluttershy sees that it's getting dark and tells Scoot to go back him
Scoot starts walking out of Fluttershy's land, but hears something coming from Flutter's house
Scoot goes back, and sees FlutterShy becoming FlutterBat
Scoot walks back in, and talk with her
it's somewhat the same Flutter, but now she is more told and has more conferdents
Scoot stays the name wtih FlutterBat
Flutter bits and drinks Scoots blood
Scoot becomes a bat-pony, and can now Fly

5590935 Well as ArcherStern and I mentioned, it might not necessarily be something bad but maybe some power pertaining to the role of the Scaremaster that she doesn't have full control of... Yet.

It makes total sense that Scootaloo would want to apprentice to a being that goes from a terrible flyer to becoming an excellent one.

Sounds cool, I’d read that.

You mentioned that maybe Scoots gets the eye for becoming a Scaremaster. What would Shy’s “eye” be?

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