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    Fic recs, December 5th: Internet's Out edition!

    So there I am, over at my friend's place on a Saturday, and he's still having very bizarre internet issues, by which I mean all that works is Youtube, Fimfiction and Google Drive. For me, anyway. He has a completely different set of usable websites on his computers. <.<

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    I go fourth!

    Fourth Deltarune fanfic, that is! :D

    This one's horror. :B Y'all know I ain't good at it, but I been wanting to write horror for some reason. So there ya go.

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    It's technically fanfic

    Did you know I have like a half-dozen audio clips I've recorded since last year but have yet to release? Fic readings and SCPs and all the stuff I used to do before the world turned into a shit popsicle.

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    State of the Writer, November 2021!

    Yaknow, I was gonna complain about having gotten my COVID booster shot yesterday (and walked halfway across town to get home afterwards) and feeling like crap, but honestly? Between posting this week's video on my Youtube channel and writing this, I feel fine. :O It might be because the Tylenol is working, but I don't think I spent a whole day feeling like shit with the actual vaccine, either.

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    Fic reviews, November 21st!

    This is a short emergency review blog to help get the word out about a couple people on this site who need help!

    B_25 is in a situation
    Nailah has suffered a loss

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Fic recs, October 2nd! · 8:18pm October 2nd

VisualPony's newest reading is SirNinji's Princess Celestia and the Laser Pointer!

I had something to talk about! That right up there! So here's five short fics off my RIL, for a really short review blog!

H: 1 R: 2 C: 1 V: 1 N: 0

Starlight Glimmer Battles Existential Dread at Sunrise by Dubs Rewatcher
Genre: Slice of Life
Starlight Glimmer is invited to have tea and scones with Princess Celestia.
This is, put shortly, a royal therapy session for Starlight, and it is quite good. Celestia makes an excellent point by turning Starlight's words and fears back against her. This is the motherly goddess of ponykind I always want to see, and it made me wish this had actually happened in the show.

A Story About You by CrispySparrow
Genre: Horror
I see you, and I love you.
Creepy stalker fic? Creepy stalker fic! And this is one of the creepiest. I just adore the way it's written, how completely offputting the narrator is. This was a real gem, really good stuff.

The Most Random Story on Fimfiction? by Super Trampoline and Ryza
Genre: Super Trampoline and Ryza
Nothing is going right today, it seems.
Eh, it's up there for sure.
Recommended If You Like Random Stuff

Rainbow Dash Tries to Outpizza the Hut by DmitriTheWriter
Genre: Random Comedy
Equestria's fastest pegasus confuses advertising and challenges to her pride.
I cannot recall how I found this pair of stories, but there was no way I was A) passing up reading them, or B) not reading them back to back. This is way better than it has any right to be. It's got the same energy that one story I wrote about Arby's, only it goes to several next levels. The whole thing is perfectly absurd and I loved it.
Highly Recommended

Rainbow Dash Tries to Avoid the Noid by Buck Swisher
Genre: Random Comedy
Man, do kids these days even know what the Noid was? Sadly, reading these back to back, this one suffers quite a bit from the comparison. It plays its central idea directly and straight, while also managing to be a little too random in places. Point is, it doesn't quite deliver on the comedy side and is basically just a lengthier version of its own title.
Vaguely Recommended

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Fun Fact: I was the one who encouraged CrispySparrow to write that since they're such a fan of the Welcome to Nightvale podcast and it's inspired by an episode of the same name! And they're the reason I know a bunch of my really good friends today including my former roommate but still current best friend! And then they got addicted to cocaine alcohol and narcissism at the same time and turned into a raging asshole and ruined several of my friends lives and their last words ever to me were suck my cock. But they're still dating my other friend who I introduced to them who is my drug plug and fortunately is still chill with me. If you want way more tea, boy howdy do I have you supplied:

Hearing statement from when I was supposed to testify against them in court but the judge sucked and was also transphobic

Remember that time I begged someone on film fiction to help me find someone to Foster my friend's dog well that was their fault too! I still love you Marcie the Old English Sheepdog, wherever you are!

And not only did we do lots of drugs at Pony conventions together, we wrote two collabs! This one is about how at the time they wanted to bone PenStroke after meeting him at Pacific ponycon even before they knew he was an author! (Note, this was written before they identified as non-binary thus the female pronouns)

TCrunchy Pigeon's Excellent Adventure
Will Crunchy Pigeon resort to dark magic to woo her crush, or will Super Trampoline stop her in time? Find out now in this odd collaboration between Super Trampoline and CrispySparrow!
Super Trampoline · 1.7k words · 319 views

This one is more typical super trampoline complete dog shit but I still recommend it because I like the contrast between our writing styles! And I love the dumb cover art I made!

TThe Ghost of Gibobo
Mayor Sir Mixalot gets thrown in jail for money laundering 'cause his dog is a narc!
Super Trampoline · 1.2k words  ·  5  11 · 260 views

And if you're wondering why I'm so bold and sharing all this shit, it's because they haven't shown their face here in like 3 years!

I'd still hate fuck them though they're definitely hot

Also I love Buck Swisher because they're the only other person on this site I know who loves not only shitposting but also basketball. You should read

EJust Smile Already
Come on, Kawhi. Just one smile.
Buck Swisher · 1.4k words  ·  12  19 · 235 views

I'm still mad you didn't like this basketball story of mine by the way (also oddly enough featuring PenStroke wait never mind it's not odd it's a Past Sins parody. Who loves country music by the way). It's the best cover art I've ever made by far.

ENightmare Knicks
The 1970 New York Knickerbockers possess the body of a young filly. The Mane 6 recruit Lyra who recruits Jerry West to fight back.
Super Trampoline · 2.2k words  ·  9  6 · 295 views
Author Interviewer

I know I've read the first one in your first comment and the second one in your second comment. Funny how those line up! :V

Uh, thanks for the review?

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