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Skintinter · 2:47pm October 2nd

Firstly, judge volunteering for Imposing Sovereigns III is still open until the end of tomorrow, so feel free to comment here or in the main contest blog if you're interested. Now, on to what gave this blog its title:

If you go to question 24 of this quiz on the integumentary system, you may see a familiar term. See, one of mentioned chemicals, chromelanin, is my creation. (Seriously, that blog is the first hit on Google when you search for the term.)

I am not sure how to feel about this being my impact on culture (assuming it's not a complete coincidence,) but it's bizarre and delightful in equal measure. I won't demand whoever made the quiz to make themself known publicly, but if they see this and want to PM me, by all means, do so. Thanks to WanderingPony for alerting me to this unexpected development.

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For what it's worth, it's possible the person in question came up with the term independently. I had never read the blog entry in question until just now, and I imagined the term "chromelanin" a few months ago while idly speculating about humanoid biology in the Equestria Girls universe. (I didn't go into scientific details about genes and particles like you did, though. I only imagined several interacting and mixing forms of chromelanin not unlike printer ink.)

Entirely valid point! I've edited the blog to account for the fact that I am not actually the center of the universe.

Unrelated to the above but still strangely appropriate, I just learned that humans have stripes.


I am not actually the center of the universe.

Damn those two inches.

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