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Pinkie time · 4:31am Oct 2nd, 2021

P-pinkie please this is getting ridiculous!

it is not! It’s sweet and romantic!

Pinkie these hourly love and affection stuff is really starting to get in the way of things! Especially when you pull me away from the others!

they understand right sunset!

*There was a short pause as sunset took her time to respond *

mmm~ this tea is really good babe where did you get it?

Sunset please!

*chuckles* sorry babe, look pinkie we know that you love him we all do but ya kinda do choose bad times to basically kidnap him from us for like 20 minutes or more

i can’t help it! If I don’t get any I get withdrawals and you know what happened last time it happened

* shivers* yeah don’t remind me about that

oh come on she was just sad for a few minutes it wasn’t that bad

Easy for you to say you know I hate seeing you girls upset….pinkie gets it bad when she’s sad and I don’t like it

don’t forget I turn grey!

Yeah that to….I’m still confused about that part though

like I said honey bunny it’s a pie family thing don’t think about it too much ok! *kisses him*

Y-yeah ok whatever you say babe…..but can we please finish our homework now I’m getting hungry and the pizza is getting cold

we can feed you right pinkie

yeah! Why didn’t you say that you were hungry sooner! No boyfriend of mine is going hungry on my watch! Sunset get the pizza we’ll feed him

Now wait a minute I can feed myself just f-

*places a finger on his lips* shhh~ Just relax and let momma pinkie pie feed you

don’t forget about me~


*giggles* yeah do you like that


*laughs* careful pinkie you’ll break him again

awww but it’s cute when he blushes and stutters like this

I know but I still want time with him

awww ok…

Oh thank god!

that don’t mean I’m getting off your lap though mister

pinkie we agreed that it would be my turn now!

I know but he’s so warm and Comfy….he has two legs let’s share!

Oh god no!

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From the table over.

"Harem! Pro. Tag. On. Ist!"

Remember I do this for fun and laughs

and the arms are handles as his shoulders are head rests lol

Hey, if he has the space, why not share?

exactly! See he gets it




*One day at school Fallout was gathering his things from his locker.*

“Ugh, history class could not have ended sooner… at least I just have math left then I can go home-“

Honey Bunny!!! *glomp*

“Ack! Pinkie!!!”

Sorry, Honey Bunny, but it’s time for my hourly love and affection!

“Look, Pinkie, we need to talk!”

What’s wrong?

“This Hourly hugs stuff is getting out of hand. Think we can tone it down for a bit?”

You don’t… like them?

“I’m sorry, Sweetie, but you don’t really have the best timing for this stuff. Just yesterday you gave me a hug while I was on the toilet.”

You… you don’t want to break up with me… do you?

“No, of course not! I just don’t think we should do this hourly cuddles stuff anymore.”

Oh… okay! That’s all you had to say!

“Okay, so we’re good?”

Yep yep yep! We’ll I gotta go to my next class! See ya soon Honey Bunny!

*Fallout breathed a breath of relief that his discussion ended so well. However, he did happen to notice that Pinkie’s bounces were less springy then they usually were.*

*The Next Morning*


Darling, is everything alright?

What’s wrong, stud?

“I don’t know, it’s just so weird not being near Pinkie for so long…”

Guess you’re just not used to not seeing her every hour.

“Yeah, I kept expecting her to pop in last night, but she never did.”

I suppose that’s a good thing… she would have absolutely interrupted our fun last night.

Though it wouldn’t be the first time we had to make room for one more. Am I right, stud?

*Blush* “D-Dashie…”

*Suddenly Fluttershy runs up to the three, completely out of breath.*

Hey Fluttershy, what’s up?

Pinkie… Pie… something’s wrong with her!

“What, Where is she?!”

Up ahead, The others are there too!

*Without a moments hesitation, Fallout runs ahead to see the other girls, but instead of Pinkie Pie, Fallout sees what could only be described as her sister Marble hugging a tree.*

“Girls! What happened to Pinkie?!”

We don’t know. She’s been actin mighty funny all mornin’

Okay, but where is she?

And why on earth is Marble hugging a tree?


*Fallout takes another look at Marble and notices that her hair is a lighter tone then it usually is, also Marble doesn’t have blue eyes.*


Hi… Honey Bunny…

“Pinkie… what happened? *Notices the bags under her eyes* how much sleep did you get last night?”

I don’t know…

We’ve been trying to make her feel better by doing the things she loves.

Yeah but so far she won’t eat any sweets, she didn’t dance to the Venga Bus, and she won’t even laugh at our jokes. Not even when we tried to imitate flatulence.

Not even toilet humor worked?! But that always works!

It worked on the students passing us by when we tried… *blushes*

It’s clear that Pinkie Pie’s hourly love and affection off-setted her hormonal balance and created a dependency on Fallout’s bodily contact, therefore making her undergo major withdrawals from not having her hourly snuggles.

… what?

She said Pinkie Pie is mopey because she’s not getting hugs from Fallout.

Oh no… of all the things that could happen… this is THE. WORST. POSSIBLE. THING!!! Our dear Pinkie Pie is doomed to never smile again. DOOMED I SAY!

Not quite. *pulls out calculator* by my calculations, If Fallout can leave her alone for about a week her hormones should return to their natural condition!

“A whole week?”

Okay… if that what will make everyone happy…

“What’s going to happen to her?”

Typical signs of withdrawal. Sleeplessness, aching, Irritability, depression, possibly poor bowl movement…

*as Twilight listed the symptoms Fallout saw Pinkie rubbing her arms and looking away from Fallout.*

“Pinkie, what’s wrong?”

It’s just a little cold out, i’ll be fine…

Really? I was just thinkin how warm it was…

*unable to take anymore, Fallout goes up to Pinkie Pie and gives her a big hug.*

H-honey Bunny! What are you doing?! If you do this I’ll go back to hugging you all the time!

“I don’t care! I can’t stand to see you suffer anymore! If giving me all these hugs and kisses is what makes you happy, then so be it!”

So… you don’t mind my hourly Love and Affection?

“Not at all! Especially because it’s what’s stopping you from feeling miserable. The only thing I want for any of you girls is to be happy! So if that means we hug every hour, then that’s what we’ll do!”

*Pinkie digests his words completely before giving him a hug back. It started small but then got bigger as she eased into the hug. Suddenly her monotone appearance became colorful again and her hair poofed up like normal.*

Oh Honey Bunny… I am sooooo Haaaapppppyyyy!!!

*with her strength returned she forces Fallout on the ground and starts peppering his face with kisses.*

Awe, now ain’t that cute?

Oh I know… I’m… soooo happy for theeeemmm WAAAAAAHHHH! *Cries tears of happiness*

Wow, Pinkie looks way better now then she did earlier

I know, out of all of us she is the one with the most love to give.

Yeah, I care about Fallout, but I don think I could ask him for snuggles every hour, i’d miss out on so much studying!

Come on girls, lets leave these two alone.

*the girls leave, leaving Fallout and Pinkie alone.*

I love you so much, Honey Bunny!

“Love you too, sweetie! And I meant every words that I-“


“… Pinkie? Are you really asleep?”

*Struggles to get out of the death-lock she calls a hug.*

“Pinkie, wake up! We’re gonna be late for school, Pinkie!!!”


Pinkie come on now isn’t the time

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